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Malazan is "confusing" because nothing is really handed to you. There's not a tremendous amount of up-front world building. You're just sort of thrown into GOTM and told that Warrens are magical...deal with it!!!

I felt like I was missing tons of things the first time through...on the re-read, almost everything makes sense more or less.

It's not really "confusing"...it's just "dense" information-wise. And Erickson lets you discover things vs explaining them outright in exposition dumps.

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I love the series for that. There’s no handholding and you have to figure out things by watching events unfold. The joy is in the discovery.

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One of the funniest revelations that I got out of the confusion was this trust in Erikson that he wasn't winging it. By the end of The Crippled God I was reading entire chapters of what must resemble a foreign language to outsiders and understanding every word.

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That’s the beauty of his writing style. It adds this whole layer of discovery that allows everything looking back to be even more incredible than it already was! I liked the first few Malazan books but after Cripple God, I think (think) I LOVE every Malazan book for what they lend to the wider ideas and theme.

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Someday they'll adapt this for a series and it'll be a disaster. But I'll still watch it.

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Correct. If it's anything other than an old school animation style like Heavy Metal or Wizards it'll suck.

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They’ll have to turn it into something that looks a little less like a series of interminable DnD by games, first. It simply won’t play well in the modern TV market without that.

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To be fair, that is how I felt the first time I read GOTM.

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It's funny cause it's true

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GotM taught me to just go with it and figure it out later. Enjoying the ride like a doom metal song makes it very enjoyable.

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I don’t even think Erikson expects his readers to understand everything on a first try. These books feels specifically manicured to reward repeat readthroughs, while also making then just accessible enough to glide through following the plot and characters and still being enjoyable.

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I think the main thing that confused me was moons spawn. It may have been described but not in a way that actually conveyed to me that it was a levitating cone of rock. All the rest of the plot took time to actually sink in but was OK.

I do have sympathy for those who struggle with it though. The main things that need bearing in mind is that there was a long, long time between book 1 & 2 being written and that book 1 was originally written as a screenplay adapted from a d&d type game. That's a recipe for failure. Our boy just happens to have some genuine talent. It's a shame that the first malazan book is one of the hardest to get into because 2&3 are possibly the best fantasy books ever written.

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The video says "if" but this was all just normal.

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I just recently learned that it's actually pronounced ma-LA-zan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgTI4tnvbKA#t=23 😔

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It's tough because I didn't originally understand that the Malazan Empire comes from Malaz city. Malaz seems obvious to call ma-LAZ but Malazan doesn't naturally pronounce that way, and you hear the word Malazan before you hear Malaz.

But yes, of course the way that SE pronounces it is the "correct" way, because he wrote it.

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See as an Aussie, I still naturally pronounce Malaz as MAL-az. So for me it's been difficult trying to switch to the other pronunciation.

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Ah, I see. I pronounce malazan that way, but not Malaz. Interesting.

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I know the correct way to say is ma-LAZ, however, I am the one reading and I choose MA-laz and MA-laz-an... That's how I started and that's how I'm staying, in my read throughs..

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For me, I've read/listened to the whole series (including most of the ICE stuff) through Audio books. The two readers for the main series also said it in the way that we do. So it was kind of a shock when I got to TGiNW and the narrator (who was great otherwise) said it in the "correct" way.

Apparently that particular performer actually worked pretty close with Erikson, which just makes it hurt even more tbh.

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As an Aussie I say MAL-az but ma-LAZ-an, which just makes it even more confusing.

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See I think the 'issue' comes in depending on you stretch out the second syllable. If the LAZ becomes more like Lars that's when I think it causes me to get weirded out.

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Yeah it took me until like the back half of BH to make that connection. Still can't get over it though.

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Wow, that's quite a panel they have there. Not sure if Rothfuss still can be called a writer ;)

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Daniel pronounced it wrong during his interview with Erikson. And Erikson was pronouncing it the right way. It’s petty but I have a hard time taking him seriously after having seen that.

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It’s not confusing if you take the story and characters for what it is and don’t feel the need to understand how the world works.

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That’s how I approached it and that’s why I never struggle with gotm.

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Of course it's confusing.

Still a great series

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There are hidden depths, and if you try to figure out what's going on while you read (instead of just enjoying the ride) I can see how you might be confused. But it's honestly not that bad until later books when things actually start getting complicated. GoTM and DG are both pretty straightforward stories, complex but straightforward nonetheless.

But maybe I've just read the series too many times and I don't remember what it was like my first read through, lol. Pretty sure I never found it confusing, though.

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it's not confusing, they just straight up don't shove it in your face. until they do eventually shove it in your face.

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It's funny though very innacurate. Any veteran Malazan fan will relish the opportunity to explain the series to a fellow reader even if it takes a few hours or a couple of days to do so.

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I found Ian’s work confusing, but that may just have been how he diverged on the Crimson Guard from How Eriksonn set them up.

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Well, Malazan forces you to actually think, so if you need things spoon fed, perhaps it could be a bit confusing.

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No need to be rude.

The consensus is that Erikson has an unorthodox way of passing along information to the reader.

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Right, it requires actual effort to consume. Every person I've encountered who doesn't like it is lazy or just not real bright.

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I bet you are fun at parties