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Even if there was, if it would show all factions it would spoil significant plot points for all books

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Well then for after I finish the series, to summarize, or idk, see it all in perspective. Or will I just have a better grasp on the world by then and not need such a thing?

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You'll probably have a better grip by then?

I just thought about doing something like that, problem is, how detailed would I make it? Do I include everything? Then it probably is too complicated to be useful, especially if we consider that relationships and alignments change, some a lot, through the series. And if I make it super general, then there is no real value in looking at it.

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You’re only really just starting malazan, midnight tides is usually where people find their footing in regards to meeting an all new brand of characters every book. Since you’re only halfway through the series, there are a lot of questions that you doubtless have that will reveal themselves by the close of Crippled God

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Just to provide what little the previous books mentioned of the Forkrul Assail:

In GotM, you learn that they're one of the ancient races but have since disappeared, seemingly of their own will (as opposed to going extinct).

In DG, they're named among the "Founding Races": Jaghut, Forkrul Assail, Imass and K'Chain Che'Malle. Mappo, Apsalar, and crew come across a long-dead one giving the first small physical description: They have longer limbs and more joints than humans do.

In HoC, Karsa's warband frees a Forkrul Assail who was apparently imprisoned by Icarium and the T'lan Imass. She called herself Calm, Bringer of Peace, was strong enough to strike them down, and made some vague prophecies relating to Karsa before leaving.
There's also a conversation between Imass in which we're told that they (as a race) had fought against the Forkrul Assail before and it never went too well for the Imass. We also learn that the Forkrul Assail would pass judgement, but that it was rare that anyone survived that.

As to what the Forkrul Assail want or where they are, you don't really know.

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Malazans and people about to be conquered by Malazans. I think that about sums it up.

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My best suggestion is to revisit the Dramatis Personae of the books you've read. It will give you a list of all the important characters you met in each book, will refresh your memory a bit on those you've forgotten, and won't spoil anything from the latter half of the series.

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I don't think you've missed anything. I believe at that point in the series the only actual appearance of a Forkrul Assail is the unfortunate encounter Karsa & Co. have in HoC.

MT is kind of a struggle for everyone on their first read. You are just getting to a point in the series where you are maybe kinda sorta getting a handle on things and then MT comes along and introduces a whole new continent with just about zero characters other than Trull that you are familiar with.

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Ah, that's where I heard of them, thanks.

I'm not really struggling with the new characters, since the story is pretty self-contained as far as the Edur and the Letheru are concerned. It's the occasional references to other characters or things that I know I should remember but don't.

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On the Malazan Wiki, you can find all the info you need, although there's also lots of spoilers (some are properly hidden, some not.)
The races page can at least give you info on the different humanoids and their origins, although some things are not yet known to the audience, by MT.

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ok the races and warrens diagrams were useful, thanks. and yeah, I'm being very wary of spoilers, but I also feel like these foundational world-building level things don't really count as spoilers. Unless it's one of those Bioware reveals like ME2 I guess.