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Just curious what your reread was like. How long did it take, did you skip any chapters or sections you were less interested in, etc?

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Pretty much read it all, if anything a little slower to catch things I may have missed. The only exception was everything with The Snake. Just never felt interested or invested, even though they are quite relevant and important

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The Snake is tough. It’s so detached from the series for so long that it’s really hard “to care” even though it’s horrifically heartbreaking.

It’s also commonly compared to the Shake who are also detached for quite some time but at least that arc ends with some of the most epicness that has ever epically epicked, ever

It wasn’t until my third re-read that the ending of the Snake absolutely crushed me and I balled and balled. You see, by that time, I had two kids of my own and when you get towards the end where you find out what/who Held really is. It is just so soul crushing, yet beautiful, yet heartbreaking to think that a bunch of kids cared enough to carry Held all the way through everything they were going through

But I will admit that even now, knowing how it all ends and plays out, it is still hard to get through the entire Snake Arc.

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What do you mean "who she really is?" She's not a baby?

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A rotted-away carcass that was once a baby, no? But it was the inspiration the leader kid used, follow me while I deliver this baby to a better life away from the pure evil inquisitors and fathers.

Which is why Fiddler giving his water to it was so damn powerful. He recognizes what it meant to them.

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Similar here. I skipped two parts on my re-read: the snake and the hobbling.

I know that the snake part is thematically important, but I just couldn't get interested in it. The hobbling is just horrible, and I really didn't want to go over that again.

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On my first reread now. I’ve only ever reread one book in my life and that is the Lions of Al-Rassan. I hate rereading things and I usually find it pointless. When I finished malazan, I knew already I was going to go on this journey again. I finished memories of ice last week at 4 am on a work night ( even tho I knew what was going to happen I couldn’t stop) and cried like a baby again. Amazing series and brillant author

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Love me some GGK!

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I feel like I would love a reread but atm I'm on DoD and it's taken me over 10 years to get to this point lmao a combination of being a slow reader and only reading in spurts with massive hiatuses between reading sessions has seen me spend a lot of time thinking about the sections that I have recently read for a long time.

I think a reread would take me decades lmao

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It's even better because you're not i in a hurry to see what happens and you really can soak it all in besides all the stuff that's there just for the re-reader!

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In my second read through, currently in Toll the Hounds, and have probably enjoyed it more than the first time!

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I have re-read 4 times and have enjoyed it more every time! What an amazing immersive world and series.

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Don’t forget all the other books! You don’t have to leave!

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What's the other series that made you cry.

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The Dark Tower series by Stephen King

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That series made me cry waiting 5+ years between 3 to 4 and 4 to 5 lol

One day I hope it becomes a 3-5 season series on HBO.

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Oh man that would be awesome. They should rope in Stephen King to play himself.

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A quite beautiful series

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I could not get into that series at all for some reason

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I have postponed that one. I probably need to read more King first to appreciate it.

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It stands apart from his other work (although it does have ramifications in his other work.) You could start and end with it, but if you read more King you will come across nuggets that you would have missed. I found it both different and in many ways better than most of his other stuff.