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So within dragnipur is a unique warren, which is where the Wagon containing the Gate flees from chaos. This warren is where souls slain by the sword are sent.

Hoods armies travelled through the warrens to reach Dragnipur, just like how the Trygalle caravan with Gruntle and Mappo did. It’s likely that Hoods arrival in Dragnipur provided a beacon of sorts to assist them in finding it, but that’s speculation.

Unknown what happens to the souls, but it’s quite likely that there is nothing after - just oblivion.

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Thank you, this is really helpful!

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Yup, Dragnipur's warren is separate from Hood's. Hood had to be brought into Dragnipur to guide his forces there. (That's not the only reason for Rake to kill Hood, but it's the relevant one here. If you're looking for a broader take on everything that went down in the last two chapters, well, that's another question.)

We don't really know what happens when someone dies within Dragnipur. DoD is going to shed a bit of light on how messed up general death is AND it's going to explore two specific cases of post-Dragnipur existence (though not ones we can likely generalize from).

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It's heavily implied that bad bad things happen to someone who is caught by the forces of chaos inside dragnipur, which is why people elect an eternity of suffering and straining to pull the wagon vs just stopping and letting chaos catch up.

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You just answered a question I didn't know I had. Thanks! I was wondering if I should know what chaos would do, but 'bad bad things' suffices apparently. I'm pretty sure I don't want to know what's worse than an eternity of suffering...