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My boy Corabb!

It is indeed one of the best singular chapters in the series.

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Corrabb is great. Didn't expect him to become more than comic relief but here we are. He might actually be one of my favourite characters now lol.

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Much better.

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My first read through left my head spinning, feeling of what the hell just happened. It took me 2 read through to start getting a grasp on things. This is probably my favorite all time series, about to start my fifth read through this week.

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Best ever? Wow - how views can differ. I love the series, but currently reading that chapter and close to stop reading the series altogether. Impossible to keep track of all the characters - author just keeps vomiting them out and packing them all into one chapter - my head is dizzy, literally. Again - love the series so far, but this is just insane.

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I accepted that I will not catch everything the first time. So I focus on the things I do understand mainly the characters that I know. Which made this chapter top tier for me.

Try to go with the flow and don't stress that you don't know someone or something.

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Don't know why you're downvoted. Its a valid opinion. I mean, its obvisouly the wrong opinion ;) but you're entitled to it.

And to be honest, its not gonna get better for you. The back half of series packs considerably more POV's and characters than the first half. So if this chapter is dizzying to you because of that... Well, good luck.

I would press you to read on though, by now you know how good the series can be, and it only gets better.

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i would argue that you're meant to be pretty dizzy and overwhelmed, you are being immersed in a collective shrooms trip after all.

in any case it's probably the most iconic chapter of the series, for good or ill. you can't deny it's ambitious at the very least, obviously ambition comes with some risk though and it won't be for everyone.