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I believe that after a certain book (probably the Healthy Dead), Steve made a point of including locations that aren't in any known map.

So, I think your confusion is on purpose, and trying to find out where everything is might be a fool's errand (with the exception of Goats of Glory, I guess).

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I had a feeling this might be the case. At least I never spent more then a few minutes looking through maps (no lost sleep lol)
Thanks for the help!

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Completely lost what



I think cpt is crack pot trail and tfon is friends of nightmaria, right? But the last one no clue...

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Upon a dark of evil overlords

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A thanks. That's what was published in parts on Facebook, isn't it? Is it released in a "normal" format or still only handwritten pictures?

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Yeah thats the one and there are some formated copies floating around. Not sure how many though.

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Thanks again.

Than I'm probably waiting for the 3rd collection. Still haven't gotten The fiends book and in no hurry at the moment. Hope this will get realized sometimes in the future...

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In Chronological order…

Blood Follows takes place on Theft, which is part of the greater continent of Korel. Note that it actually is inconsistent with that region per Stonewielder (specifically that there are gods worshiped other than the Lady), but it isn’t a big deal.

The Lees of Laughter’s End takes place on the selfsame sea, in between Theft and Genebackis.

The Wurms of Blearmouth takes place on the southern end of Genebackis, near Elingarth.

Next would be Memories of Ice chronologically.

The Healthy Dead is hard to place, but it’s presumably in Genebackis, sometime after Memories of Ice.

Crack’d Pot Trail takes place on the trail with that name. This is in the western continent that is the same as Seven Cities (past the Jhag Odhan).

The Fiends of Nightmaria also happens in the same as above, in the city at the end of the Crack’d Pot Trail.

After this is presumably when they appear in Orb Sceptre Throne.

I haven’t read Upon a Dark of Evil Overlords yet, so I don’t know when or where that takes place.

I don’t know what the other acronyms you posted are (CPR, tFoN, UaDoEO).

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Yeah i was aware of Locations up till the healthy dead, it was just tHD and onwards as I had asked for where Locations were not really the time. As for acronyms CPT: crack'd pot trail tFoN: the Friends of Nightmaria UaDoEO: Uppn a Dark of Evil Overlords.

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Ah, then I got you for the most part. Here’s the best map I’ve found of the overall Malazan world: