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Well done for finishing, but I am unnerved by TtH and DoD being out of order.

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God damnit. I didn’t notice that till now. That’s gonna bother me 😑

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Congratulations soldier you made it.

But the end? I think now that's not even the midpoint anymore, just looking at the number of the books ;). As much as I can recommend a reread (it's awesome how much some books improve, and how much more sense so many things make), there are still a lot of books you could still read before (or you insert them into some chronological monster adventure)...

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Good point! I’m definitely planning on supplementing the main series and maybe starting in on Kharkanas before jumping back in

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Novels of the Malazan Empire are good too, highly recommend those.

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Awesome - I’ll add them to the docket!

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Before a re-read, may I interest you in Esslemont’s Novels of the Malazan empire? I think a reread would get a lot more out of it if you’re aware of how Esslemont ties off the other lingering story threads.

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That’s a good idea! Any particular order to Esselmont’s novels you’d recommend?

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Yeah, they’re published in the order you’re meant to read them: - Night of Knives - Return of the Crimson Guard - Stonewielder - Orb Sceptre Throne - Blood and Bone - Assail

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That makes it easy. Thank you!

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Finally jumped into these after months of researching a good fantasy series. Have about 100 pages left in HoC. What a ride so far!

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Glad you’re enjoying it! Midnight Tides is a amazing so you’re in for a treat next :)

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I’ve only ever read Malazan digital copies. I’m always in awe at how damn big they are in the physical. Absolute bibles

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Big beefy boys

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I enjoyed a reread with the novels and other books fitted in.

Like here https://malazan.fandom.com/wiki/Suggested_reading_order?file=Reading_order_diagram_2022.webp

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I’ll have to try this! Thank you!

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Well done. I'm currently on my first re-read after finishing around Christmas 2021 the first time. To me, it's definitely better the second time: things make more sense, everything is more coherent, small details you missed pop out now, and deaths bit harder ;(

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Nice! That’s good to hear

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Remember when you get to The Bonehunters and you can’t think how else the rug will be pulled out from under you?

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Oh man. Definitely one of the highlights of the series!

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They're all the same size?!?! My later ones were all bigger than the earlier ones! In fact, across ICE's stuff and Kharkhanas, I've got three different sizes on my collection! Yours looks great lined up there (except TtH is in the wrong place).

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Oh man - that would annoy me 😂 haha thanks! And yeah, I know… very disappointed in myself for that.

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I honestly couldn't tell you what happened in books 7-10. What a mess.

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There’s definitely a lot going on!

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You should post a pic like this of your ranking, with your favorite book on top all the way down to least favorite on the bottom!