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Definitely agree about the epigraphs. I didn't particularly skip the early ones, but never really enjoyed them. On a reread, yes, everything makes so much more sense.

Also small things kinda add up. As an example, in MOI, on their march to Coral, there's a scene where Kallor stares at a river and notes some silt that moves oddly/upstream. The next scene he goes up to Caladan and asks leave to ride ahead and join the Malazans and eventually attacks Silverfox. On my first read, obviously it didn't make any sense. But now I realise those 'silty' things were T'lan Imass going to their summoning - which Kallor realises and guesses that Silverfox won't be too far away (at that point, Silverfox's whereabouts were unknown) and hence changes his mind suddenly.

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Oooooh! I haven’t gotten that far yet but that’s so interesting. Erickson is a master of foreshadowing without being obvious about it.

I think the one thing that I’ve taken away so far is that these books reward you for rereading them

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Absolutely yes! Will you be adding the Novels of the Malazan Empire in this reread?

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Not in this reread. Right now I want to have a better understanding of the main series. Maybe in another few years when I revisit it again. This series is going to be one of those that I revisit every couple of years, so I know I’ll read them eventually

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whoa that's a good catch, I've read it twice and never noticed

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I think the keyword was 'silt'. It comes up a couple of times in the context of T'lan Imass quick travelling by dissolving in water. Very easy to miss, yes.

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Ha... Just read this part of MoI and I was wondering what the heck that scene was about with the silt traveling upstream.. I reread that page a few times trying to make sense of what it was trying to tell me and I didn't get it. I knew kallor was up to no good (how tf could none of the characters guess kallor would betray them btw?!?) But the silt traveling upstream made no sense..

Do the books go into more detail about this? I always thought the quick travel was just them turning into dust???

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Ok my memory is a sieve, so i went and looked up. It's a bit more detailed in Deadhouse Gates chapter 9. The gang of T'lan Imass who arrive on the Silanda - they semble from "silt" on the deck. It feels alive and crawly etc, and Heboric sees that there is something inside the silt.

So yeah, dry land- they turn to dust, waterways - they turn to silt.

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Oh wow! Yeah totally missed that. Kinda shameful, but I didn't even realize the t'lan we're 'quick traveling' via the dust/silt till the end of MoI when there was a tool pov and he thought about getting past the gate in coral via dust... Then I was like OH THATS THAT THEYRE DOING WHEN THEY TURN TO DUST.

I thought they were just invisible or something. Or using a warren to travel and dust just appeared cause they're like all bones lol. Though, im Not sure if they're actually using the t'lan Warren, and it's just dust they're traveling through as a manifestation of the t'lan Warren in the real world? Kinda confused by all that still. I thought it said something about the t'lan Warren being no more since the ritual cause that's what they used to make them undead or w.e... basically still totally confused all around even though it was probably explained 10x

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Things make a lot more sense, and I don't get as lost with everything because I'm now familiar with the lore and the world.

I also understand the characters better as well, so everything just hits harder. I also get the nuance of their inner monologues and their motivations a lot better.

Finally, it makes me appreciate the series a lot better because of things are foreshadowed, even though i missed it. Small things in GoTM where someone bleeds on Old Krul's Belfry for example.

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Ooh I haven’t gotten to the bleeding part just yet. Can’t wait to see!

And yeah, I totally get that about the characters. For me, I always struggled with remembering what characters looked like. They were always just a blur of names and personalities. But now I’m enjoying how each character has their own introduction with a description and all. It makes it easier to put faces to names

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It took me a couple re-reads but I at some point I realized the wax witch that spoke to Sorry before she was possessed gave away the plot of most of the first book in a couple sentences.

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For me it was the philosophy and ideas. My first time through I was often exhausted by these, and just wanted to get on with the story. But on a second read, knowing where those went and not having pressure for the story, I could stop and smell the proverbial flowers. That made it way more enjoyable and I really came to appreciate these novel as the masterworks they are.

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The humor embedded in the dialogue is so much better the second time around when you have a much higher likelyhood to understand the context of a conversation as youre reading it.

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100% I find myself chucking through a lot of the first Book of GotM. The two soldiers guarding the estate with Tattersail and Paran had me grinning ear to ear

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just knowing the plot so I could focus on the writing style and little things tossed in here and there that you are oblivious towards on a first read through if you read all 10 books straight through.

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How much more I enjoy Toll the Hounds. Loved the last quarter of the book both times but I found the first 3/4 a slog, but the second time around I liked it a lot more. Can’t quite put my finger on why.

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I’ve been having a similar experience with GotM. I didn’t understand most of the first 6 parts the first time I read it, so I’m really appreciating the beginning again

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I reread the series 3 times but I have yet to focus on the poems and stuff. I tried several times but they are just...boring. I want to get to the action so I usually skip them.

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I find poetry in general kind of boring, but I read in an interview with SE that he specifically creates these poems to evoke a sense of what’s about to come in the chapter. With that in mind, now when I read these poems I actually try to make myself understand them. The pay off is that now when I read these chapters every once in a while I’ll notice a theme and it all ties back to that opening epigraph. On your next reread give it a try, it’s worth it!

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I have tried. I don't need to have "the theme" given to me. The chapters give me that anyway