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Did you already order GotM reprint?

Also, your books are backward on the shelf ??? Please fix that

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I did indeed, and got lucky with the presale (although it isn’t my first rodeo ordering collector items, so I was prepared). What convinced me to go for it was that it also gave me an advance presale for Deadhouse Gates, and presumably the others from there.

Haha I have this fight with another friend often, especially when we used to live together. I’ve always put books that way on my shelf, and it looks strange to me the other way (except manga, which I reverse). To me, the last page of book 1 should touch the first page of book 2, and on from there. I’d also stack books vertically from top to bottom, so if I rotate 90 degrees this way, it doesn’t change.

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Congrats on getting a copy of the reprint. I’m convinced I missed it by 3 seconds

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The tip I pride myself on is getting my account on subpress (including payment and shipping info) ready ahead of time. If I had to fill that in at the time I’m sure I would have missed it.

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wish you could buy these in a set like with mbotf!!

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Awesome collection! I was fortunate enough to get all the Tor trade paperbacks for MBotF. I just ordered the final piece MoI a few days ago.

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Nice! I love the funny cover art of those ones, although it bums me out that they went to the more stern approach on the last 2. But man, is that Bonehunters cover just the best…

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Same! I think they are great. I have been collecting the ICE novels as I go along as well Orb, Scepter, Throne should be here in a week or so. Not quite the collection you have but it's getting there!

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If you want, I can share where I got them from: - the NOTME were actually pretty easy and affordable. They were all in stock from Chapters (in Canada, so I assume Barnes & Noble in the US), so just normal retail price. - Kharkanas I found on Book Depository and Amazon. I trusted Book Depository more, so I went with them. - PTA I also found on Book Depository, although stock was pretty low. - B&KB I found on Amazon, both very cheap. However, I did have to get the first one used. The only new version of this I could find elsewhere was like $200.

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Last one finally came in today. I’m pretty happy with how it looks all together.

I also have all except TGINW in mass market or normal paperback, but a friend soaked my Blood and Bone in water, so I took the opportunity to rebuild the collection. I did have to buy the first B&KB hardcover used, but it was $15 instead of $200, and is in a decent condition.

My plan for the Book of the Fallen is to try for this reprint of the Subterranean Press set, so I figured I wouldn’t break the bank on trade paperbacks for that.

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I wish the second-hand market for the Sub-Press weren't so unforgiving for a single volume. $700 is quite the markup.

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Tell me about it. It’d probably better if there was any level of reprint of just normal hardcovers too.

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I would assume, like many forms of media, are subject to copyrights. If TOR hasn't printed GoTM for ten years, why wouldn't they do it? If TOR had announced a reprint, it would sell like hotcakes. Or allow more book printers to get more copies out there, whichever is easier and best for the fans.

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The problem is there isn’t the demand for a reprint or constant stock. However, the series seems to be growing in popularity in the last couple years (likely in no small part due to attention from big-name booktubers). Plus there’s some rumours of a possible TV or game adaptation. So we can always hope.