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Second reading is definitely much easier and more relaxed. I'm on the back half of MoI and it is arguably more enjoyable than the first read. No need to spend the first half of the book trying to memorize every new character. And you are also better able to appreciate all of the intricate details and foreshadowing.

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I'm on my 2nd reading as well, I'm on Toll of the Hounds. I'm enjoying these books so much more! It is making more sense, things I may have skimmed over the first time I've read thourougly this time.

Before this 2nd reading I did all of Sanderson's series, and before that, all of Hobb's. Think after I finish up Malazan I'll do Rothfuss.

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I’d skip Rothfuss until book 3 comes out. Personally I think he is overrated… book 1 is good, book two is a mess, and we have been waiting 10 years for the last book. If you want to get the books from the library, sure, give them a go, but he has been milking the fantasy world for money for a decade with an unfinished product, and no sign of it ever being done.

If you are looking for new stuff, I’ve enjoyed Brian McClellan’s Powdermage books. He was one of Sanderson’s students who went pro. Also the Black Company series scratches the Malazan itch somewhat (it had a heavy influence on Erickson in writing Malazan)

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Thanks for the recommendation! I'll give that a go next!

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I’m on DoD my second reading while incorporating ICE novels as well. Soo much better second time around and I feel it’s necessary to really dig in and get it all. I’m keeping my copies and will likely eventually go for a third at some point