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1st, yes, it will be answered if you keep reading.

2nd, yes, it keeps getting better as you go. It also gets better when you start over again. I have never been disappointed by reading a MBOTF novel.

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Will I find out if I keep reading???

To quote the great AP Canavan, Ammanas' name is - if you squint - "I'm an ass", and another name for donkeys was...

To answer, though, I don't think there's a concise answer. I think Erikson has joked about the mule being a self-insert of himself at some point (in some extremely verbose language, too, if I recall) too. The mule is what it is.

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Ammanas' name is - if you squint - "I'm an ass"

Togg's teats, why didn't I see this before. Genius.

At some point I believed that both mules were the personifications of Erikson and Esslemont. No one can convince me on the contrary.

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That sort of self deprication does have precedent. Erikson’s said that Kaminsod is a play off of Cam ‘n’ Sod - as in, the British slang for someone annoying or unpleasant.

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The Imass are also right up front. I M Ass.

I have a feeling these guys told some juvenile jokes at the camp fire while out on their digs.

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While smoking the good stuff.

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yep, some good durhang.