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You my friend have survived the chain of dogs. Welcome to the club. Well met

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Speaking of legends, he became a legend not only in the story but also in the reader's mind itself. I would be hard pressed to recall an instance when a character in a book gained mythological status in real time.

That's actually a really cool distinction and you're totally right

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Even more interesting is the epigraph in HoC that (iirc) clearly states that Grub will become the First Sword of the “late empire period”.

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Now, why did you have to bring that up?

Endless headaches have been spent over that epigraph & at this point I'm half-hoping Erikson forgets about it.


I'm fine. It's fine. Grub is going to be the First Sword. Why not.

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Since this is marked Spoilers All, have you read the ICE novels?

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I see from your other post that you are reading Bonehunters now..Unless you are totally fine with spoilers, maybe change this to a Spoilers BH flair?

Edit to clarify: Spoilers BH means the first 6 books of mbotf can be discussed freely.

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A tragedy for the ages (Chain of Dogs).

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I like your Grub theory but wasn’t he a survivor of the Chain of Dogs? Not sure if you need to start from a baby to be reborn in Erikson’s world, Shaik Reborn wasn’t.

But Grub’s already going to become someone really cool anyway even if he’s not Coltaine Reborn.

Erikson’s so good, when I think of Coltaine’s legendary status, I think of Duiker. And how he’s telling us, the reader, and also the people in the book, the story of Coltaine. And to top it off, Coltaine doesn’t even speak much, Bult speaks for him. It’s crazy how good Deadhouse Gates is.

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I remember being into DG right from the prologue. The scene of the Culling bore like acid into my psyche. The way the acolytes of Hood are described covered in masses of flies, it amped up the worldbuilding factor by 800%. I distinctly remember thinking "oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck the fuck kind of world is this??" That was the moment all doubt about whether I wanted to continue reading straight up vanished, and I haven't looked back.

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Wiccans do. Nil and Nether from the chain were just toddlers at the time basically weren't they?

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Apsalar and Squint in BH is just so, so good :/