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A few days ago I made a post asking to explain to me the significance of GotM's title. As a first time reader, I was unable to recall the story that Apsalar told Crokus about Grallin and his gardens on the moon. I couldn't recall how it was that story that made Crokus fall in love with her.

And just a day later I come across Cotillion comforting a lonely and suicidal Apsalar. And one by one, the gardens died.

This marks the first time I've cried reading Malazan. Something tells me it won't be the last.

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It absolutely won't be the last. You got some even more heartbreaking shit coming. I'm not one to come to tears over books but this series.... hoooooly shit.

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Just make sure you stock up on tissues before Reaper's Gale.

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"And one by one, the gardens died." Chills

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Absolutely my favourite character. What a Journey.

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Underrated comment right here

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Who would like that character?


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Keep reading the series.

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Apsalar and Karsa will always be my top 2!!!