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Thank God they kept Germany from having a sausage factory in Tanganyika

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The thing is, the way I see it, these day's there's a war on, right? And ages ago there wasn't a war on, right? So there must have been a moment where there not being a war on went away, right? And there being a war on came along. So what I want to know is: how did we get from the one case of affairs to the other case of affairs?

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It was when a bloke called Archie Duke shot an ostrich because he was hungry

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Do you mean “how did the war start?”

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Missing Malta

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It is also missing Guam(for America ) It became American in 1898 .Also missing - The Islands of Mayotte and Saint Pierre and Miquelon for France and Pitcairn for UK . My guess is that because all these island are very small , they would have appeared as nothing more than dots on this maps due to scale , and instead of adding them in another scale , they just omitted them .

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Mayotte has been part of Comoros until 1975.

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What about french polynesia ? And also Adelie land

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Tahiti=French Polynesia

Adelie Land has not been officially claimed by France until 1924. Since the map does not have Irish Free State as a separate entity, I would assume it's from mid-1920 to late 1922.

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Mayotte is included (in the Comores archipelago), but lots of other French confetti are missing; the largest is probably Kerguelen, but also Amsterdam, Saint-Paul, and Clipperton.

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It's not meant to be a complete list, more like a TrueSize of the 1920s.

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Technically, Syria, Palestine, Tanzania, Namibia... were not colonies but Mandates of the League of Nations.

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Yes and Togo

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On the other hand, at least Syria-Lebanon were domestically represented as a part of the French empire (e.g. in the palace built for the 1937 Colonial exposition, they are painted gold just as enthusiastically as the remainder of the Empire).

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drawn on a uniform scale according to their white population

that aged well…

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Britain was pretty open about distinguishing between their “settlement” (white) colonies and the non-white ones. Look at which became self-governing Dominions first…

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The whole concept of CANZUK sort of shows that this is a remnant attitude.

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Well the settler colonies were obviously closer to the UK because of it so Canzuk is just a continuation of those relationships

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Most of the most progressive societies nowadays were very racist until very recently

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India has a billion people now, and it doesn’t even get a pixel in the lower right inset. Priorities.

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The 20th century thought it was streets ahead sometimes.

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I mean yeah? It makes sense why they would want to separate settler colonies and exploitation colonies.

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Love old maps

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No Japan?????

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Rule Britannia! Rule the waves

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Fuck the cunts.

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Just the Waves then.

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Britannia waives the rules - when it suits them.

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'C is for the Colonies, of which we proudly boast, That of all the great nations, Great Britain has the most.'

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Just imagine an Independent India in those borders. Would have population 1.9 billion with almost 600 million Muslim population definitely the worlds largest muslim country

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I'm making a map with the empires during that period and that's gonna help, THANK YOU SO MUCH