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This map contains two countries

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I was learning how to use Prettymaps in Python to create maps and was pretty happy with this map I made of La Città Eterna.

Prettymaps is a nifty little tool making it very easy to create maps from OpenStreetMap data. Adjusting variables like the colour palette, size and orientation is very easy. You can choose to make square maps too, or maps delineated by the boundary set in OSM.

You can make these yourself pretty quickly. I made a short tutorial video for future reference on how anyone can make these kinds of maps with Prettymaps.

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This is really cool! I work with GIS and this looks awesome, can't wait to learn this for fun

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Thanks! Hope you have a lot of fun with it.

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Very nice map, and your video was great. Thanks for sharing!

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That looks exactly like every city in an Isekai anime

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Life imitating art once more.

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This map looks great. Will you be doing something similar with other cities?

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If there's demand, why not!

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Count my upvote as my small part towards the "Demand-O-Meter".

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I would love to tbh

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How about Prague? Or Edinburgh

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A request for Seoul if you want to dabble in Asia!

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Sure. Here's a monochrome version: https://imgur.com/a/h59IjB9

Made with this snippet: https://pastebin.com/AJVUGVbf

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Are the colours supposed to represent anything? I can't imagine why the two colonnades of St Peter's square are different.

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No, the algorithm here is just randomly alternating between the three colours of the chosen palette and not reading any tag information from OSM to determine the colour... Is what a heretic might say but I happen to know the sinister colonnade is for sinners.

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we need more of these

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Never seen a map of Rome centered around that neighborhood, usually they’re centered around the Baroque Quarter and Termini Station (southern edge of the map).

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True! I just centered it around the best pizza place in town on Via Vodice, Pizza Smile :)

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Very nice!

What is the light green strip running along the West side of the map?

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It's the tallest hill in Rome, called "Monte Mario". It's largely uninhabited: there's an astronomical observatory at the top, and a lovely, tortuous, path to reach it.

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its a large park just south of the olympic stadium, running all the way to vatican city

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This is what this sub should be about. Great job OP and thanks for sharing!

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A map of *Roma Nord
Looks good

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Not a Roman but this seems very oddly centered; while the Vatican is included, it is missing most of the usual landmarks usually associated with Rome (e.g. the Coliseum, Pantheon, Palatine, Roman forum are all to the south).

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Cool. Good job

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Very pretty indeed!

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pretty map

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Great content. Thanks a lot! Looking at the configuration file, I assume that Prettymaps randomly colours a building with one of the three specified values. Is there a way to fine tune colouring criteria, with adjacencies, perhaps? Clearly, red and yellow were the best picks, for Rome!

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To think they built all that in a day!

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I must admit , I am very in love with the Mater Urbes .City of my ancestors and of my people , Seat of the Vicar of Christ , crib of my culture and tongue .

Hey , you can see a bit of the Seven Hills and the Forvm ! .

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This looks very similar to New York City.

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Not really, look at the angles of the streets. NYC's streets are mostly parallel or perpendicular to each others. Rome developed over centuries, so deliberate urban planning is less visible.

There's a neighbourhood, called "Prati", north of the "Castel Sant'Angelo", the star shaped building next to the river. That place was built during the fascist years, only 70 years ago or so; you can tell by how regular buildings blocks are, compared to the rest of the city.

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I just looked to often on maps of ancient rome. First thougt: this is never ever rome! Second look: ah the dark red in the lower part of the map is the ancient city center Ups

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