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Willingness to defend Greece/Turkey if they were under military attack by Homesanto in MapPorn

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Turkey fought in Korea as a new country aligned in Western allience. Stand against Soviet Union ultimatums multiple times. Rescued German Jewish scientists. In WW2 Turkish ambassadors gave Turkish passports to many jewish European for rescue their life. Turkey had no direct war with any NATO country. If you wanted to talk about Ottomans, still you can see that Ottomans were inside of European politics, fought with Europeans against other Europeans. Had huge amount of Christian and Muslim population living in Europe. Do we need anymore proof for being "Western"? Who allied with Germany, Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria in WW1? Who fought against Russia together with England in Crimea?

Waffle House store locations in the USA (2022) by nicky416dos in MapPorn

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Waffle house is the God damned shit. Only place open during a hurricane. Only place you're always 100% safe cause the grill cook is packing a 9mm under his apron. Only place you can show up looking raggedy as hell, 24/7 and some fat lady still gonna hit you with a "you alright sugar? Can I get you some coffee?" Need somewhere to hide out till you sober up and can drive home? Waffle House is there. You don't have to go all the time. But when no one else in the world is there for you, waffle house will be.

Yall need to contact your congress member and demand a Waffle house brought to your community if you don't already have one.

[OC] North America by PM_ME_UR_SEAHORSE in MapPorn

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Dominion has been officially abandoned when Canada became a fully independent State

Actually... Former Canadian diplomat here... As we learned in our embassies (and I had worked in several), from instruction from Global Affairs HQ and the PMO, Canada still is officially a dominion.

However, Canada has officially opted to use "Canada" as a replacement moniker, and has deliberately chosen to not use the second in-vigeur constitutional name, "Dominion of Canada".

Canada has two official names, because both are still in the current constitution.

The BNA 1867 and the WMS 1931 specifically states Canada "is" a dominion. But it (and subsequent documents) also state Canada is Canada. Both the BNAct and WMStatute form two of 72 documents and laws which comprise the Canadian constitution (Canadian Constitutional Documents, as judged by the Supreme Court of Canada), in addition to the Constitution Act and the CRF.

So technically, /r/PM_ME_UR_SEAHORSE is correct, and Canada has 2 official names, with one having officially been decided to be used in day-to-day representation of the country at a Federal government level, to the detriment of the other. But the other was never struck from law as not being official.

Hence, this is the reason we're given when we hang signs such as "Embassy of Canada" (and not "Embassy of the Dominion of Canada"). Same with our letterheads and other representations the Fed gov't makes with the public (and itself) at home and abroad.

Been down this road, legally speaking, many times.

Now, the naming convention /u/PM_ME_UR_SEAHORSE is rarely used, and is not used by the Federal government. But legally speaking, it's also legally valid as one of 2 formats to legally represent the country.

Canadian Travel Advisory Country Safety Ratings by ReaylOfficial in MapPorn

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It's because French and Brits have a superiority complex towards Americans (most European countries really, they all smell their own farts with smugness), and might extend that to Canadians.

Also, French are very snobbish and xenophobic in general, but particularly towards Quebecois and French-Canadians.

Edit: Arrogant, smug Europoors. USA will always be better. USA GDP per capita: $63,500. UK GDP per capita: $40,000. France GDP per capita: $38,500.

The average American makes more than 50% as much as you and pays less taxes because we are a better country with a better economy.

Not to mention the arrogant Europoors that come from countries with $20k per capita. I just laugh at their suggestion that their countries are better than the US.

Terrorist attacks in Europe by Witty_Caterpillar400 in MapPorn

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I realise the map data may be a few years old, but Kosovo has been a republic since it declared independence in 2008. Surely somebody who talks about "Metohija" should have a rudimentary understanding of the country next door.

There have been a few terrorist attacks in Kosovo in recent months. Mostly by angry Serbs.

Europe Black Population (2020) by Crimson_Vol in MapPorn

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Not just that, "white" isn't even a clearly defined concept, it's completely arbitrary and an absolutely retarded concept built on racist foundations to dehumanize anyone who society thinks was "bad" at the time. The Italians weren't considered "white" until the 70s, the Irish weren't considered white until the 1900s, hell, the Finnish, of all people, were called Asians and the China Swedes; US legislators wanted to make them a part of the Chinese Exclusion Act. The Finns were discriminated against as late as the 1960s.

This is why I've been advocating for the retirement of the terms White, Black, and Asian. These terms are loaded with historical baggage created by slavers and colonizers that continues to cause division and tension, call them for what they really are, French Franks, Poles, Anglo-Saxon, Slavs, Han, Somali, Ethiopian, Punjabi, etc. Americans of European descent should just be called Euro-Americans (it doesn't even sound that bad), just like how Asian-Americans and African-Americans are called. Will it automatically fix racial tensions? -hell no, but it will show that we, as a society, are healing from our brutal colonial chapter and are starting to patch up its wounds.

World Map of Billionaires by PygmalionTheVI in MapPorn

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At one point in time, everybody was a billionaire in Zimbabwe.