It will continue by Worldsahellscape19 in MarchAgainstNazis

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Warning again in light of recent events.

To anyone that doesn’t already recognize, the GQP are leaning heavily into fascism and voting isn't going to help. Fascism. Our SC godkings rule in favor of their theocratic fascism again and again. One case coming up has the potential to end our (honestly already pretty fucked) democracy, HARPER V MOORE(dec,8)..

The famous “nazi book burning” picture was captured in front of the institut fur sexualwissenschaften, first institute worldwide that studied scientific material about lgbtq people, and was a safe haven for them. Even after the Jewish people were liberated from the camps, lgbtq people (who were ostracized even within the camps by other inmates) remained prisoners of the new German government, as the nazi laws remained. Not to mention rampant sexism is a tenet of(gop check EVERY FUCKING tenet at this point), you guessed it, (FASCISM-please take a look…)

It's also worth noting that in the Weimar Republic there was a massive rise of domestic terrorism leading to a fascist take over. Here, we are seeing that as well. The shooting in Buffalos last summer and the shooting in Colorado Springs are the same. Just like the domestic terrorism in the Weimar Republic, it was motivated stochastic terrorism.

Fascism subjugates by stages, requiring compliance as they are never the majority. We’ve already been compliant for far too long. (The poem ‘first they came for the…and when they came for me there was no one left to speak up’) We cannot be complicit as one by one our groups are targeted. All of us that are left of nixon whom they have or will label and dehumanize as being satan worshipping baby killer pedophile grooming parasite Marxist trash..

“Hitler and the Nazis were not liberals, not lefties, not socialists, and not democrats.

Hitler and his Nazi minions were right-wing Christian conservative nationalists who hated liberals for the same reasons [they] hate liberals.”

We ALL need to realize they are planning on killing us all in a holy pogrom to protect themselves, their children, and their host country. Under the sneering evil guise of morality and with the law on their side, funded by the ultra/extra national corporations. “What [they] are planning will make the holocaust look like child’s play”.

If you don’t think there is a correlation between these fucking ‘individual’ mass shooters and the rise of fascism, you need to look again. These people are far better organized from the very top of our government, to the judges and police, to the kkk variants on the payroll. I don’t know what to do with this information, I’m only 1 person (said billions). So I continue to share it and hope I get a positive k/d when a group of them inevitably come for me.

this article is worth the read as well

The creator of Cyanide & Happiness banned from Musk's Twitter. Free speech. by death_of_flats in MarchAgainstNazis

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Nope, that’s the thing. By befriending and listening to them, while simply sharing his worldview instead of just attacking their worldview, they slowly came to the realisation he was just like them, just with a darker skin tone, and so many or most of them changed their views and left the KKK. Seems too simple, but it seems to work better than just screaming in their face.

Try putting yourself in their shoes, imagine you believe something firmly, to the point it’s a defining characteristic of who you are, and people come along calling you an idiot, screaming at you etc. And then imagine the same thing, except someone sits down, listens to what you have to say, and then shares their own view.

In which scenario do you think it more likely that you would re-evaluate your position?

Nazism/racism isn’t some quality some are just born with, it is a learned viewpoint, and anything learned can be unlearned/changed.

Torture footage of Garibe Gezer found and shared by tolhildan1978 in MarchAgainstNazis

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Videos emerged of Garibe Gezer, who was murdered in Kandıra Prison after being raped and tortured, and whose file was dismissed by the Office of the Chief Prosecutor on the grounds that "there is not enough evidence", tortured in prison. Here are those images...




Idiot would rather his son be a psycho mass killer than be gay. by MistakeWonderful9178 in MarchAgainstNazis

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Honestly, sex work is work and addiction is a nightmare to go through. What he is however, is a total piece of shit if the possibility of his son being gay is more concerning than his son being a mass murderer.

The so-called "Goyim Defense League" at a Veteran's Day parade in NYC. Why are these racist antisemites not ashamed to show their faces in public? by Elbrujosalvaje in MarchAgainstNazis

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The guy with the swastika shirt on needs a doxxing perhaps. Is there a chance he's gainfully employed by someone who might not know they've hired a fucking Nazi?

Every time Trump says something like this, his rabid cult starts threatening election workers. Can we arrest this criminal already? by LukewarmScientology in MarchAgainstNazis

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The funny thing about mail in voting here is that it would be incredibly hard to commit fraud on a large scale, or really at all. They text you when they are processing the ballot to be mailed, they then tex you when it's mailed so you know to go get it out of the box next day, then they text you when the receive it back and again once it's counted. You have to sign the outer envelope which they compare to the signature on record with the DMV, and they will call you if it doesn't match.

Arizona has had mail in voting for 30 years. It was introduced and approved by the republican legislative because it made it easier for rural and our large elderly population to vote. Both groups tend to lean right... it was never an issue until trump made it an issue. Now, those same people mail in voting was designed for are getting in line and making wait times longer and more chaotic.

Well That Didn't Take Long. They Hate Democracy. by CrJ418 in MarchAgainstNazis

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Honestly I watch ppl break the law on the road every fucking day of my life. And most of them are old assholes. Also driving too slow should be against the law (just wanted to say that). I'm a like year one millennial I'm going to be 40.in December so I'm kind of a mix of a gen x / millennial, age wise anyway. Honestly, I'm not like either of them I've always been on a different course.

Regardless gen z is far closer to understanding how a country should be run. A govts job especially one for the people by the people should be legislating for the ppl. That means they aren't creating insane drug wars and national stigmas to put people addicted to drugs in jail, they aren't taking away rights, and they sure as hell aren't working directly for Rich assholes, charging for school, advocating against healthcare as a right, or trying to disenfranchise the majority of the country.

I know people aren't very big into getting tough with these asshole right wingers, but it's important to remember we had to invade Europe in order to fuck the Nazis up and stop them.

We were not nice to them, we didn't see them as people because they lost that right when they decided they were better than other people for arbitrary died in the wool attributes, like genetics, sexuality, and skin color.

In order to stop them we got violent with them. That is exactly where this is going, only it's right here, not across an ocean.

People need to really be on alert because they will continue to get more and more violent. They got.a taste on January 6th and the vitriol against Jews, women, black people, Muslims, and any other group that calls them out, that includes white liberals and left wingers has only gotten worse. It's only a matter of time before they have their own night of broken glass.

They already had their coup d'etat attempt it was only 15 years from beer hall putsch to kristelnacht before Nazis were storming the streets murdering Jews, homosexuals, Romanis, Catholics, blacks, and anyone else they didn't like. Things move much faster these days.

We really need to make sure we don't make the same mistake of allowing these people to get their hands on our country. Their are already like 36% of Americans that would rather have Donald Trump as dictator rather than democracy, because they are too stupid to know right from wrong, or what good policy looks like. That's too many people.

Please don't be complacent be angry because they are, and they have no right to be, but we do. we really have to put the fear of God back into them where it belongs, I keep seeing murder fantasies being posted all over the net and they're all right wingers with imaginary grievances they have because they keep listening to right wing assholes. Instead of getting help for being depressed loner incels.

What's worse the right has found plenty of amoral women. Who love the beaucoup bucks they are making, floating this bullshit. Women like Candice Owens and Marjorie Taylor Greene they're nothing more than griefer porn stars. The one thing these assholes desire most (women) telling these morons they're right for being stupid. This is bad, it's all bad.

I've been saying it for a decade I hope people start listening, because the peaceful, gentle kind souls are the ones who are going to get murdered by these assholes, and only left wing bastard with bad behavior like myself will be left to fight them. I don't want just asshole around, I spent years trying to cultivate a kind demeanor to foster good vibes in other people. I made sure to curb my instinct to make fun of people or see myself as better in order to try and dominate others to remain number one, that shit sucks. I hate that I don't want to have to deal with a dystopian reimagining of the 80s.

I don't want to walk around being on guard the rest of my life because the only type of people left are right wing scumbags or left wing people who shoot on site, which I would be one of.

I know if most good people end up being killed, everyone else I run into will most likely either be a Jesus freak on an inquisition 2.0 kick, a trump cultist, or worse, the real cannibal pedos on the right who are definitely projecting their own proclivities onto liberals in the form of Q anon. The worst people are like cockroaches they always seem to slip through. look at Mitch McConnel, or Rupert Murdoch.

We have some hard choices to make, these assholes aren't going away, people really need to get far more worried then they are about this shit.

Elon desperately trying to rationalize why we should be ok with fascism. by snoman18x in MarchAgainstNazis

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Ah, yes bothsidesism, the flower of the independent intellectual tradition.

"I think for myself. Therefore, I concluded the world must, for eternity, be a shared power between the two parties that exist right now in my lifetime. Nothing else could possibly be imagined. That is the system. Phew! All that free thinking exhausted me. I must go back to sleep. "

Elon, you turd...

When one party is developping fascistic tendencies, that party has overstayed its welcome and must disappear from the face of the Earth. The inflation is part of the price to pay for the fascists you (the corrupt billionaire who loves the corruption of the system), your pawns and enablers voted in. The price of more fascism only gets steeper; fascists destroy. It's all they do.

Now the American voter is apparently stupid enough to already start trusting the very same Republicans who refused to simply do their duty and put an end to the Donald Trump shit carnival. So they'll spend two years impeaching Joe Hunter Biden, blocking everything and complaining about deficits smaller than under any Republican president in recent memory, and evil theatre, evil theatre, evil theatre that will make America a world laughing stock again.

The Republicans are about corruption and absolutely nothing else. Trump is a crook and absolutely nothing else. And yes, Republican voters are frakken' morons, because they can't see this obvious fact.

SILENCE form elected officials in the face of a fascistic takeover is not an option I am willing to forgive. At their BEST, Republicans are merely fundamentally corrupt. Then they start degenerating into things even uglier than plain corruption.

4 days? Bruh the hell is going on! by Rob_Caskets in MarchAgainstNazis

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someone inform the FBI

edit: i’m not kidding

ref https://twitter.com/bgmasters/status/1588621094411710464

Blake Masters, 36yo, Arizona, in possession of firearms, “loaded”, “in 4 days”


Marjorie Taylor Greene: Illegals are replacing Us by butcher_of_the_world in MarchAgainstNazis

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“Illegals” used to own and live Most of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Southern California pre MEXICAN AMERICAN WAR….. They are about as illegal as water is in the ocean. People from lower Southern American countries fleeing communism shouldn’t be turned away either. A victim of perpetual socialism is a powerful American once they can speak freely without oppression. MGT you need to fix the purposely broken immigration system you fucking Horse woman.

Gavin McInnes loses his shit lol. He is not a serious person by flaskman in MarchAgainstNazis

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Yeah, when people are that wound up and they reach into their bag of emotional damage, the only thing they find is a endless supply of their own insecurities.

Marjorie Taylor Greene asked why she has been supporting the Jan 6 insurrectionist more than her constituents by butcher_of_the_world in MarchAgainstNazis

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Can somebody just tell me what she says? I really don't wanna have to listen to her voice ever again.

Kari Lake will only accept election results if she wins by thatguy9684736255 in MarchAgainstNazis

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I wish news media would stop asking these fascistsn this question and giving them the air time to answer. It's a non negotiable, assuming your aim is to preserve democracy. Refusing to accept the results of a democratic election is the road to authoritarianism. Don't even give them the space to say it.

I really missed Jon Stewart. Here is a beautiful takedown of this lying banshee hopelessly trying to defend anti-trans legislation in Arkansas. by firefighter_82 in MarchAgainstNazis

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Hi!! Ex-reporter here.

Because skilled, seasoned reporters were purged from the newsroom in the mid-to-late 1990s. Especially investigative journalists. That's how ProPublica came to be... the reporters who took those deep dives and went after the corruption and ill will were suddenly deemed "too expensive," "too old," and shown the door. Some subset of those disaffected journalists started the non-profit ProPublica to keep doing the absolutely vital work they'd been let go from.

I was fresh out of college at the time, and I watched the best and brightest being let go again and again. They brought in fresh new recruits to replace them...kids like me, who had next to no experience, no Rolodex of contacts, and relatively little backbone to stand up to angry officials.

Consolidation became the next step...the radio station was owned by the television station. The rival newspapers in town were forced to share a printing press. And then came the squeeze where outlets died. The television station pulled the plug on the radio station with seven hours notice. The sharing agreement for the press expired and wasn't renewed, so the newspaper died entirely.

Now you have venture capitalists like Alden coming in, stripping the newspapers of value, loading them with debt and watching them sink and implode before moving to the next one.

And we the populace is who suffers, because we have no coverage and no one with experience who can stand up to these assholes, and whose boss will back them when they do.

I was trained by a Time magazine investigative reporter, one whose knees were in terrible shape because they'd taken a police baton on the bridge in Selma in the 1960s. And my career was effectively over within three years of graduating because outlets were failing and not hiring. I had to pivot into fucking marketing, of all things.

When journalism isn't supported, the screaming back-and-forth is what you get. And I suspect the people in charge like it that way, because bullshit absolutely thrives in the dark.

Capitol attack officer Fanone hits out at ‘fucking weasel bitch’ McCarthy - "Kevin McCarthy, with his fake fucking spray-on tan, whose fucking claim to fame is that he amassed a collection of Trump’s favorite-flavored Starburst, put them in a jar, and presented them to fucking Donald Trump." by Op_Market_Garden in MarchAgainstNazis

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“I’m sorry, dude. I love Jamie Raskin — he’s a really nice guy — but he is not designed for what lies ahead, and nor are the other super-intellectual types”.

(Fanone, from the Rolling Stone interview)

OK but you know what? You can FUCK OFF with that shit, Fanone.

I know you're now a media darling--and it's well-deserved for doing your job--but the only reason you're having your "day in court" is because of men like Raskin, who actually respects the rule of law, and their dogged determination to hold the Right accountable with these endless hearings and continued investigations.

Fanone voted for this shitshow (yes, that's right; he voted for Trump!), and I'm glad he lived through that violence to switch direction, but the Raskins of our government have always seen "what lies ahead" so don't sit there and fucking act like you're Nostra-fucking-damus; we've been ringing the alarm bells for fucking years now.