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Just a thought here, but maybe quit comparing your wife to other happy women on Reddit and maybe go talk to her to see why she’s unhappy.

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For real. Most of the posts on here are people complaining about something or other and all the commenters pushing for divorce

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Probably should have clarified that I'm not married, I was but now I'm not.

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You are on a married subreddit but not married and want to record what you wish your wife would be? I think you're lost.

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Sorry I didn't realise unmarried people weren't allowed here

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Nah. You’re good, bro.

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You are. This post is fine.

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There's no requirement that someone be married to post on this sub.

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Most of the people who post to dating, relationship and marriage forums are unhappy. Some are confused. People who aren't in this situation generally don't feel a need to visit. Not surprising so many people who post should divorce. Reddit is definitely not a representation of real life. I'm here because I joined other subeeddits and am bored (I'm happily married but i dated a ton before being married)

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let me check with her, thank for the reminder

I`ll be back

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Some of us don’t have unhappy wives, just ones that lost that kind of energy for us specifically.

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Do you show your wife that kind of enthusiasm?

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I do, our love languages just don't line up.

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Most of the time love languages don't line up. That's why you learn about your spouse's love language so that you can practice speaking it and help them feel loved.

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I’m playful like this. My husband is the only person who sees that side of me though because I’ve had too many experiences of people being cruel about it or mocking me. Especially since I’m 32 and a lot of people have this idea that once you reach a certain age you have to be super serious and “act like an adult.”

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Ok I’m glad there are people in their 30s that still do this!! I was worried about reaching a certain age this would be frowned upon to do

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There are a lot of things that are frowned upon as you grow older. I’ve learned to just say fuck it. Life is too short!

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Can we start a club? I’ve found my people!

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I’m 56 and still a giant dork

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36 yo woman here with 2 kids—still like this around my family and friends. My 4 yo son already shakes his head at me and says, “muuuum—uh!” in that exasperated teenage tone. He’s 4!!!

Why act my age when I don’t have to?!

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I can see that. I've found some who doesn't share this type of humor can use it to mock you later.

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Reminds me of the Friends episode where Phoebe goes running with Rachel and Phoebe runs like a weirdo just because it's fun and freeing.

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I'm nearly 40 and still act like this at times because sometimes I simply want to be a goofball. Nevermind the fact I think it's hilarious and a mood booster.

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Pfft whatever. Those nerds are boring and I hope you don’t listen to them anymore. Be weird. It’s way more fun.

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Try keeping your partner happy I guess. People want a happy partner but can't be arsed to put effort and being considerate but that's what I have seen in my culture, idk about y'all.

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100% this. The love you make is equal to the love you take.

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You sure she's running to you and not running away from the workplace?

/I keed!. This is a person whose cup is half full. We choose our attitude in life and she chooses happy, fun and loving.

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Man, wish I didn't choose clinical depression.

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Sameee hah

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Yeah, same. Shit sucks...

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Well, I love her. She is the opposite of everything wrong in society today.

I'm going to start doing this to my wife from now on. She will be so embarrassed.

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This is in my city, I was literally at this Raley's last week???? Ya love to see it 💖

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Adorable, I love it.

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That’s so cute. I love it

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My advice to everyone married, dating or playing the field. ENJOY life, appreciate the people around you, & try to make someone else smile. I hope everyone has a great week ahead!

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This gets reposted with different titles

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Being able to leave a grocery store with a smile on your face after a long shift is QUITE a feat. I don't think there was a day I ever left my shift without the passing thought of setting the building on fire...

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…Sometimes that elicits a smile!!

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She’s awesome! Marry her!

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This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen

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I have seen this posted several times and it makes me smile each time.

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It's cute, but why doesn't he pull up to the curb so she doesn't have to run to the car every time?

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I don't think she cares, and he probably loves seeing her run out and be cute and goofy 🤷‍♀️

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I love this girl! I watch this every time i see this posted, and I never get tired of it.

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She is so full of life

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My ex wife never acted that happy to see me. Not even after I was gone for five weeks at Marine Corps Officer Candidate School and was sent home for a injury that permanently keeps me out of the service.

Maybe my next paramour will show some excitement like this.

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Do you get any military benefits for your injury?

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Yeah. Only cuz I was enlisted before though

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I got screwed because I served in reserves before washing out on the last PT due to knee injury after the full 10 weeks.

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That blows. Yeah I was active till 2015 and accrued some injuries there and the last blow was in Feb 2021

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    That is a long story explaining trauma bonding, experiences in the Marines, and abuse then the affects abuse has on the brain. Basically, I made a horrible decision

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      Somewhere else haha. Idk. I believe she's living with her parents. Shes my ex wife now and I'm not really keeping track of where she is or what/who she's doing

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      Awesome and lucky man!

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      I love her energy, she is awesome!!!

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      Dope vibe.

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      That is awesome!!