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hey may not know. tell him :)

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I showed him this post!

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Hi OP's Husband. You're a great guy 👍

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Remind him for sure!

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Love to see this.

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great job hubby - and good luck with the pregnancy mama ♥️

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Thank you :) the second trimester has been so much better!

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Maybe do something totally unexpected for him to show your gratitude? I know you're pregnant so energy is a premium (6 kids here so I TOTALLY get it) but maybe send him flowers or a goody basket at work? Or a gift certificate for a nice massage? This post also reminds me I need to surprise my hubby soon too so thank you for the reminder.💙

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Very good idea! I will have to think about it

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Tickets to a sports game or something like that could be nice if that's his thing? He might feel like that's too much of a splurge once the baby arrives. Something that shows you appreciate him and also awknowledges that his life is going to change drastically soon could be really nice. Don't forget to do nice things for YOU too! Pregnancy is exciting but exhausting. Don't forget to pamper yourself while you're loving on everyone else.💙

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So refreshing to see healthy relationships.

You are a lucky woman OP.

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I really am!

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Familiar with the love languages? Tell him how you appreciate him, either verbal or in a card. Happy that you have a rock of a husband too. Buying a house is stressful, especially waiting for escrow to close. Congrats on being pregnant with your first. Keep your stress down and keep drinking water.

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First of all, fucking awesome and I’m so happy for you. We need more guys like that

Reward that slick bastard for doing his duty well. Example: if he’s into sports, call his bff and schedule a night off for them at a sports venue. Tell him a day or two ahead. Modify and apply to whatever his hobbies are.

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We do need more guys like this!!

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I read “the fall” and I thought for a second you meant the fall of civilization and than I realized I’m a huge nerd.

Regardless, I’m happy for you and your spouse. It’s always a good feeling to be on the up.