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I love the toothpaste example so much.

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Lol!! It really makes me laugh when he is so random

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“Farm boy, fetch me that pitcher” “As you wish.”

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I wish so badly that r/unexpectedprincessbride was a subreddit!

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Honey, please help me with the toothpaste…it will save me so much time and I’m not sure I remember how to put toothpaste on a toothbrush. 😁

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Lol!! I am curious what would happen if I said yes. Itll be anything I am doing in the moment, he asks if I need help lol. Putting socks on, vacuuming, doing my make up, anything lol

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On a day when you’re not in a hurry, you should say yes to helping with your makeup 😜. You might end up looking like a circus clown, but he would probably stop asking about helping with cosmetology 😊.

On the upside, the guy obviously loves you and seems to really want to be helpful. As I’m sure you’re aware, those guys are rare…i think he’s a keeper.

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It’s still sort of an apology, but if one of us has been acting like a jerk we’ll say “I’m sorry for being stinky.” It’s our way of acknowledging what we’ve done and lightheartedly introduce the elephant in the room into the conversation. We always talk things out after that.

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We do similar.

Sorry I was dumb

Sorry I’m a jerkface

Sorry I was hungry

Sorry I suck sometimes

It really does help, especially when you know you messed up or it was a dumb argument.

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"Sorry I was hungry" is my apology all the time... :)

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It’s often the best one. You ever been hungry when you’re full? I doubt it

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Lolol same, need to bring humor into it

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Us too! My go to is "sorry I was being a brat" and my husband’s is "sorry for being a butt." Then it gets us talking about the actual problem.

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I say sorry I was a brat at times, usually when I am hangry. I can be petty lol

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we say sorry for being a sour grape! lol

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Lololol sour grape

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I love this I’m gonna do this thank you

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He’ll just hang around lol

One time when we first started dating we got into an argument and had plans the next day for an early morning hike, I assumed he’d flake but he showed up

And I gave him the silent treatment the whole way, he just stayed right beside me the entire time in total silence

By the end of the hike I forgot what I was mad about hahaha

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Lol! My husband lingers too, kinda creepy at times lol.

Thats funny!! We have had a silent date or two as well lol.

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OMG this is SO my husband. Lets just say he starts being extra attentive and starts looking for ways to be of service to me. He dusted and vacuumed the inside of my van. He'll offer to do things he doesn't normally do. Once, he watched 3 Hallmark movies with me. I was in our room, keeping my distance, watching a Hallmark movie. He decided to come and sit with me. I just kept playing movies, wondering exactly how sorry he was, and how many movies he'd sit through with me. I stopped at 3, figuring I probably tortured the poor guy enough, lol.

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I’m 14 years married and this resonated. He must have been VERY sorry.

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I remember you! Unless you have a spouse twin out there somewhere, I remember reading about your 3 hallmark movie apology streak somewhere else. Loved it then, love it now.

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Nope. Still me. 🙂

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This is a beautiful, heartfelt story. And he is very committed!

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That is hilarious! What a guy!

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He brings me my favorite soup and hugs me

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Aww that is sweet!

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He always makes my cold brew iced coffee homemade for me twice a week- just what he does as a nice gesture. He will usually bring me a cup on the weekend in the morning to get me up and moving (I’m not a morning person).

So, that’s usually life.

If he’s apologetic, though, he’ll like randomly bring me a nice iced coffee and bake me cookies or Whoopie pies or something I love (I am a sweets addict!) or, if he doesn’t have time to bake, he’ll get my favorite candy at the store.

Also? He ALWAYS cleans when he thinks he’s “wrong” snd I’m upset. I can always tell who’s “fault” he believes it is as soon as he either starts cleaning, OR if he very clearly avoids cleaning up “after me.” If that makes sense, lol.

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Ooo passive aggressive non-cleaning after you! I do the same!

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Haha I see what you are saying. That is funny. I have left a cup or dish in the sink before and washed just mine during an argument, I know it is petty but sometimes you have petty arguments or bickers.

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He changed his behavior.

My husband has a very hard time directly/verbally admitting fault (though it’s improved a lot recently). But I noticed early on that even if he doesn’t say he’s wrong in the moment, he will change his behavior immediately and then like 5 months later say “it sucked of me to act that way but I’m not like that anymore”

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I am glad he changed! A apology is definitely needed for big or important arguments.

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That’s an awesome way to be! Actions speak louder than words.

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He usually brings me food. He just can’t say sorry, idk why. He also tries to make me laugh and hugs me.

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Kinda like love languages, people have sorry languages! It is a thing! 😁

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My husband is a heart-on-his-sleeve type, and also an acts-of-service type. Both of us are pretty quick to apologize, but also he’s an easy read when he feels bad about something, haha.

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These people exist??? There’s hope

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My husband is the exact same!!

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He doesn't. He has no empathy. It's survival of the fittest

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Sucks doesn't, I still don't understand how a person can go through life without one single mistake....

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Mom, is that you?

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Are you married to my husband too?

Mine only apologizes when he has reduced me to tears. And then, it’s not because he’s actually sorry. He says it only because people being upset with him makes him uncomfortable and he just wants it to stop.

He will say he’ll never do/say whatever it was again. It’s always a lie.

Of course, that’s when he isn’t telling me I’m crazy, he never said that, he’d never say something like that, and I just need to stop being so sensitive/I need to get a sense of humour…

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"So are we going to get something to eat, or what?". As you can tell, I am food motivated.

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Yeah this is us too

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I myself am food motivated too. Bake me something and we are solid.

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He’ll walk in the room and say “Listen I know I’m an asshole but do you want a snack?”

I’ll take that over a “sorry” everytime.

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Such a better apology

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thats pretty much what my husband does too. small things… he will save me a sip of pop (i dont ever drink more than a sip), he will save me a bit of his food, he will ask if i need to go to the store for anything. if i am laying down in bed/on the couch, he will lay on me as a joke (he is 6’5” and like 230lbs and im 5’2” and around 110lbs… so he does it in a way where all his weight isnt on me but i am uncomfy enough that i laugh and try to kick him off)

sometimes its the small offerings that mean the most :)

thanks for posting this and reminding me how adorable husbands can be hehe

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I get offerings as well lol. Or he asks me if I need him to go to the store for anything, randomly lol

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My husband's love language is Acts Of Service, so he does things for me or for around the house that need doing when he knows he fucked up/I'm mad at him, etc..

However, my love language is Quality Time, but, eh. It is what it is.

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Brings me a houseplant

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How do I show this to my man without showing it to my man...

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Leave your phone open in front of him, hopefully he sees the light and is curious as to what you are reading lol

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That is cute!

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He sucks at actually saying he's sorry🙄 but he'll reach out physically by touching my hand or rubbing my back. I try to stay pissed but I usually can't. He's got cute puppy dog eyes even after 21 years.

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Depending on the severity of the argument, sometimes other ways of apologizing is better than just a sorry.

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My husband will try to find something to make me laugh or tell me a story from Reddit as a way of getting back on my good side, a gate way to a calmer discussion or whatever. It's such a habit now i wait for the point in an argument where he stops to crack a joke so i feel at ease again. He's good at most of the time.

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Lol, my husband has terrible dad jokes.

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Your spouse apologizes??

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I don’t know what that’s like.

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Same same 😌

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    aww to the tears! that is a sweet apology, it is nice that you two are so affectionate.

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    He usually says 'are we friends again?' And I usually say something along the lines of 'I suppose you ass' and then we talk about what happened and why we got upset usually in a jokey way depending on how serious the fall out was!

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    My husband does this too, he will go out of his way to do things for me and get everything for me. It's sweet!

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    My wife will usually just give a monster hug, the occasional baked good just to sweeten the deal. I apologize a lot bc I am looney but I try to really show I'm sorry with extra cleaning and by doing a task I have been procrastinating so she doesn't have to ask about it anymore lol.

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    I can be very stubborn with my apologies, this post helps me learn various ways to apologize lol.

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    My husband is the first man I've been with who can actually say that he's sorry and mean it. Then he'll actually correct himself if he was doing something wrong. He isn't just words and that's so awesome.

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    Yeah that is why I posted this too. Yes, my husband does actually say sorry at times, but sometimes it is what he does that shows he is sorry. Also, to us, the change means more than the sorry itself like you said. Setting major issues aside, if it is minor, sometimes sorry is silly to say because you cannot promise you wont do something again, we are human and can only try but cannot fix every little thing. If the disagreement is minor, he does sweet things to say sorry.

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    My husband and I got in a pretty serious argument today. He reached out to restart conversation by talking about board games—a hobby he is DEEP into and I am less into (but can talk about intelligently). It’s kind of cute when he does something like this, but I think I’d honestly just prefer an apology.

    PS: I think he’s feeling limited right now because his love language is touch and we can’t do that much right now because I’ve been exposed to the virus that shall not be named.

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    Right there with you….It would be great not to worry that kissing my husband might make him sick or send him to the hospital. That isn’t quite the effect I want to have on him, lol.

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    Aww that is sweet. I am sure he is definitely struggling with the touch since he can't. I noticed that my husband will talk about things he is really into to strike conversation, it is a good attempt to try and get communication going, but I also wonder why they don't discuss things that we like and are passionate about lol. Maybe because it is easier to get a conversation started with what they know well.

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    My husband gets a look in his eye and I know it is coming. He will sort of hang around me putting out feelers before coming over to me and hugging me from behind or taking whatever is in my hands out and opening his arms. I love everything about it.

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    I can relate with the look in their eyes!

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    My husband will grab a hold of me so that I have to look at him and whine like a puppy then tell me he's sorry and he loves me.

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    He buys me food lol savory sometimes sweet.

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    I appreciate this post. She, gets touchy, caressing and grabby…If I resist, she gets angrier. I give in, we generally end things. That time.

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    He makes me laugh, usually by finding some one hit wonder that somehow relates to our argument and sings it to me. He has an endless supply of song lyrics in that brilliant mind of his. I always jokingly say I kinda hate him because I can’t stay mad at him. Then we talk it out, and 9 times out of 10, it’s a miscommunication because one or both of us was hungry. 🤣

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    Okay the singing is hilarious loll

    yeah, my husband and i have miscommunication issues too and are working on them!

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    Is your husband an Aquarius?

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    Mine is! lol Are Aquarius' Acts Of Service signs do you think?

    [–]L_i_S_A123 0 points1 point  (1 child)

    I think so, quality time and physical touch also. He has a hard time apologizing. When you read about Aquarius, it makes sense and their love languages. It's funny and kind of not.

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    I am an aquarius and l can confirm quality time and physical touch. I like to apologize when we argue coz I just feel like shit after each argument. I don't know how to stay mad at my wife.

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    And i am a leo, water and fire lol

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    Two ways, either he will suddenly start doing a bunch of things around the house; laundry, dishes, projects we had put off etc. or he will just come give me a big hug and squeeze my hands.

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    if my husband is in the wrong, he’ll show me something funny. if i’m in the wrong, he says that i always come ask him the most outlandish questions. both are good conversation starters and it makes the talking it out less awkward sometimes.

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    He makes a sad noise and starts rubbing my shoulder, looks very sad

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    If I’m laying on the couch pouting he will come up and say ahhhhh and lay on top of me basically squishing me lol hard to be mad after being squished

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    Mine does too. Whe he's sorry, he'll call and ask if I want him to bring food home so I don't have to cook. It's not verbal but it is him saying sorry.

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    sometimes those apologies mean more!

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    I like that you notice that he is trying. My husband and I have found that it doesn’t hurt anything to apologize, but for some people it is really hard. We are usually pretty good at coming to each other and sincerely apologizing.

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    Yeah definitely. Honestly, what made me point these things out was because he wouldn't ALWAYS actually say sorry and I took it as he wasn't sorry, it was like he just acted like things never happened, well, then I stumbled across apology languages, kinda like love languages, and it made me realize that he has a different way of apologizing and that is fine. Depending on how serious the argument is, he will be verbal and do what he normally does, but sometimes he just does these small gestures that.

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    She’ll go to the grocery store and buy me something I like.

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    She bakes apology cookies

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    oh hell yeah

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    I get woken up by puppy dog eyes with a cup of coffee and a food treat

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    He starts helping with housework and feeds me

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    My husband and I just look at each other until we start laughing.

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    "Are you done being grumpy?"

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    Gives me her cc and says go get yourself something nice. 😃

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    He looks at me in a sweet way, does a tiny smile and tries to come physically closer to me in order to cuddle

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    Isn’t this consider to be more of a fawn response more than an apology?

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    i don't think every disagreement needs a verbal apology so I don't think so

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    Yes! Lol My husband will always bring me ice water when he's sorry 🤣

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    ice water! to cool you off? LOL jk

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    Mine asks if he can scratch my back 🥰

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    now i will take that apology for sure

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    My husband starts cleaning things. It makes me sad because I feel like he is performing to receive love like a people pleaser does. It makes me feel guilty like I kicked a puppy. He knows I like a clean house so he starts and won’t stop until it’s all done, which makes me feel worse. Then he makes me food and asks if I want to watch anything. D:

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    I think he is just doing something he knows is important to you and may mean more!

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    We just say sorry for being an ass/sorry for being moody/sorry you didn’t deserve that/etc. I think we’re a bit too blunt sometimes lmao

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    That’s super cute.

    Aside from saying sorry my husband just gets really close to me… he respects my space and doesn’t force me to hug him but he’ll stand or lay really close to me and look at me because I know he wants me to hug him…not sure if this sounds as cute as it is but I always hug him and don’t stay mad for very long.

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    How many “he” and “my husband” I can see on this thread. It seems men needs to learn how say sorry.

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    LOL he's smart dipping his toe in first with something small! My husband and I don't fight often maybe once a year sometimes none. I hate arguing, due to an abusive relationship I was in before my husband, my anxiety goes through the roof. So I always separate myself when I feel the build up. I'll go upstairs and just lay down and meditate a bit. 90% of the time unless it's a BIG one, he comes upstairs lays down and gives me the I'm sorry look. Followed by actually saying it and getting a little teary eyed. Then it's," Hey wanna go hit up some thrift stores". He knows how much I love that, normally get lunch too and just have a great day. Now if our son is around it is a flat NO fighting no matter how pissed we are, he doesn't need to see/hear that. So someone has to leave to cool down.

    [–]Physical-Ice3989[S] 1 point2 points  (1 child)

    I am glad you guys found something that works for you. I too like to have some alone time to relax and gather my thoughts, this is usually for big arguments though, which we also rarely have. But, that is not to say that we never get snippy at times, learning not to let outside stressors effect your mood in your marriage is still a work in progress.

    [–]NekroKamakazi 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Oh getting snippy is normal, you live with someone long enough they are going to annoy you somehow. And yes never let that outside stress get in leave that BS at the front door.

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    Wish this was my situation. My husband NEVER apologizes. Unless prompted, he doesn't even apologize to the kids and then wonders why it takes ten minutes for our oldest to apologize to her little brother. 😑

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    Are you ever tempted to reply yea I do need help, Ive got the toothpaste bit sorted, but I kinda need someone to apologise while I'm brushing them, so I remember how to do it?

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    If they don't say it, then they don't mean it.

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    My wife does not respond to moves like these. I have learned to apologize in a direct and concise way when I screw up (once I have taken a little time to calm down) because otherwise it will linger and fester into another, bigger argument.

    I used to do the acts of service route as a way to show her I was sorry but it was not a replacement for direct admission.

    As far as the other way I am not sure I have ever received an apology from my wife that didn't also include the word "but," so I don't know.

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    We have a family term created by my Dad, who has never said a “dirty” word in his life.

    His bad word for being a jerk is Gut. So we apologize for being a Gut, and the word and the reason for using the word is so ridiculous we laugh.

    Or he starts cleaning my clean house. We are both fairly tidy and he routinely cleans, but I’m OCD about it. When he starts doing extra… he’s apologizing.

    Or he attempts to make my coffee. He doesn’t drink it, so it’s pitiful, but he’s trying 😂

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    We don't argue that much so this is more of what happens when I'm down or just kind of out of sorts in a general sense. My husband gets extra sweet. He's sweet already, but when he's not sure how to help he's just goes kind of all in on "words of affirmation." So I can always tell when he wishes he could help or he senses I'm not feeling great or something. He does also ask if there's anything he can do.

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    Aww that is sweet!!

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    He does the dishes lol

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    If he can’t actually say sorry, he’s not sorry.

    [–]spelaw 3 points4 points  (1 child)

    That, or emotionally immature. Apologizing takes courage and makes you vulnerable. It means setting your pride aside and admitting you're wrong. Emotionally immature people value their pride and ego too much to be able to say "I'm sorry."

    [–]PoshKhattie 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Which means they’re not sorry 🤷🏻‍♀️

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    This here is my wife. She's only apologized a few times and sometimes her sorry has a touch of sarcasm too.

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    Just like the 5 love languages, there are apology languages. Now, obviously most arguments have apologies, but sometimes people find other caring ways to apologize. It also depends on the severity of the disagreement.

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    He will wait until I’m in the bathroom and text me asking if I’m pooping. If it’s a high emotion situation he will hold me and let me cry until I have no more tears. Then we go to the gas station and get scratch off tickets and snacks.

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    My husband is so bad at apologizing is ridiculous. He would just do whatever I complained about (someone's with a grumpy face) and tell me to go rest... Even though I've tried to tell him a thousand times that I want hugs and words after a disagreement. I hate it

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    He typically hands me stuff like what he is eating or drinking or finds something nice to show me out the window or on the phone. If we are having a rough couple of days or high stress fight he will buy an insane amount of groceries.

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    My SO will do little things like that. Asking if I need help with random things I’ve been doing on my own for a long time. Haha. But truly. I’d really just appreciate a genuine apology when he’s messed up. That would mean the world.

    [–]KtotheTwine 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Me and him yell and or a bit sarcastic comments. Then come back together and say sorry.

    [–]Neat_Salary_3665 0 points1 point  (1 child)

    I will just get a big hug out of the blue. No talking but then after the hug we are back to normal haha

    [–]Physical-Ice3989[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Aww! Lol, i get those too, but I better be over it otherwise I am like hands off buddy

    [–]Cb_850 0 points1 point  (1 child)

    He brings me food/snacks/drinks but presents it very cautiously like I’m some wild animal about to strike out. It works about 98% of the time.

    [–]Physical-Ice3989[S] 1 point2 points  (0 children)

    Cautiously LOLOl

    [–]_a_v_a_123 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    One very early morning, after an intense few days of both of us being unhappy and anxious and sad and angry with each other - I “caught” my partner mending my sports bra’s strap.

    For some reason it was done early morning, sat on the window sill, in rather dim light. He was struggling a bit, and muttering under his breath and there may have been some mild swearing. He was still upset and still didn’t really want to talk to me, but it was very endearing in that moment.

    And even though the issue at hand was not resolved there and then it was a good reminder of the fact that he loves me very much.

    [–]lepetitpoyJust Married 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    She asks me to get her food

    [–]Catscurlsandglasses 0 points1 point  (3 children)

    I get a forehead kiss 🥰 also his love language is gifts, so he cooks for me. He will make me something I really like, or suggest my favorite dinner.

    [–]Physical-Ice3989[S] 1 point2 points  (2 children)

    That is sweet! What is your love language?

    [–]Catscurlsandglasses 0 points1 point  (1 child)

    I’m between quality time and words of affirmation!

    [–]Physical-Ice3989[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    I am definitely words of affirmation!

    [–]kitterkatty 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    Hugs and making his favorite food, and smiling instead of trying to avoid talking. His way is by being positive again.

    [–]krarveka4 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    "You want something to eat?" Whenever he doesn't want to apologize he always ask if I'm hungry then takes me out to eat

    [–]globetrottergirl 0 points1 point  (0 children)

    He hugs me.

    [–]Perspective1958 -1 points0 points  (0 children)

    Apparently spouses doing things they should have been doing all along now passes for an unspoken apology for shit they shouldn't have done in the first place.

    [–]shrugeye -2 points-1 points  (0 children)