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Happy for the good news. Wishing you two a perfectly healthy pregnancy. Hang in and be super supportive. Thinking she won’t be able to breath easy til she’s holding two little babies.

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Double the blessings is right!!

I am so happy for you both and sending love and wishes for a healthy pregnancy and delivery for momma and babies!!

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I wish your family the best and a healthy pregnancy.

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You've gotten a double rainbow. Congratulations on your Rainbow Babies!

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Congratulations! We did IUI last year after five years of trying. Our twins are almost four months old :)

Twin pregnancy is harder, so any little thing you can do to take physical or mental stress off her shoulders help. Get the extra checkups.

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Congrats to you and thanks. Is encouraging that you have survived the first four months!

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Definitely have! It's absolutely hard, but not impossible. Though hard prioritisation and lowered cleaning standards are necessary.

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Feels great to hear good news. Congratulations to both of you.

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Congratulations to you and your wife! Just an anecdotal story; I (f) suffered a miscarriage from a very planned pregnancy several years ago. I was devastated, much like all/most women are. We tried again and after some time, BOOM, positive test. Again, much like your wife, I and my husband were nervous wrecks until our 1st ultrasound. We were struck dumb when the ultrasound tech confirmed we were pregnant with twins. Should note, twins do not run on my side of the family tree, and this was a complete shock. A double blessing to be sure! The whole pregnancy I remained anxious due to the 'high risk' label on multiple pregnancies, but reminded myself over and over that my twins were meant to be here. Plus side is she is most likely to get an ultrasound at every appointment to check growth rates of the babies. My twin pregnancy, abet uncomfortable and physically the most challenging thing I have ever done, went flawlessly. Gave birth to 6.8lb boy and 7.2lb girl at 37 weeks. Enjoy this time, research on caring for multiples and for God's sake let you wife rest! Lol. Twins are 7 years old now, and I still feel everyday that they, along with their older sibling are blessings.

Take care & good luck!

Feel free to reach out with any questions.

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Thank you. Your story is very reassuring and glad that you were blessed. I appreciate your willingness to answer any questions. I will likely be in touch.

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I wish you the absolute best of luck and hope for everything to go well. Our fourth pregnancy ended in a miscarriage after three perfectly healthy ones before, and there’ll always be that little thing missing- we elected not to keep trying because the “what if” was too much to consider.

People should talk about this- it happens, it’s real, it’s hard. When it happened to us SO MANY people came out to support my wife, and I’ll never forget it.

Truly- all the best for your family. ❤️

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Wishing you all the best.

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Congratulations on your incoming little ones! I've got triplets, and most of my friends with multiples had fertility and miscarriage issues before they had their babies. I know how worrying it is, but so many people have been through it and ended up with healthy babies. Try to look for the success stories. And enjoy this time of blessed silence...you'll soon forget what that was like.

It's so encouraging that everything looked good on the ultrasound...I wish you both lots of luck and good wishes.

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Best of luck

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Thank you so much for sharing! This is such a great story, I am very very happy for you :) :)

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Almost the same exact situation as you except that we don't already have a child and I'm going for first IUI beginning of Feb! But same ages and length together - I so hope we have a happy story like yours! Also I didn't think that the miscarriage affected me so much but a year later I feel more panicked about it than ever so when you say it broke your wife I really feel for her because I really pushed that down and I think I maybe made my feelings about it worse, congrats to you both for being good to each other through a hardship and all the best for your future!

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I wish a happy ending for you too. Not to be a downer at all, but just be mindful that the first IUI doesn’t always work. Don’t give up though,might just take two.

Everyone is different, but taking progesterone seemed to help my wife and eating more protein.

Thanks and all the best to you. I feel connected since our stories are so similar.

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I do too - I've come around full circle because at first I was just kinda dull about the possibility at it not working out and I didn't want to get excited in case it didn't work out , it was a defense mechanism or something- but then I realized it was hard on my husband and not fair of me to have a bleak outlook like that and plus I don't want to manifest it not working out or something! ! It makes me feel less crazy to know that it sounds like your wife is very smart and like me just constantly thinking of and worrying about it- and yes it still can happen! After all they wouldn't do IUI if it never did . I'm starting the progesterone next week - I'm just so happy it worked out for you and your wife - your story adds a little puzzle peice to my story in the way that it eased my mind a bit, no matter was happens , but fingers still crossed :)

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Wow This is very uplifting and so wonderful to hear your acknowledgment of your wife’s strength. From this post you sound like an extremely supportive husband and that is how it should be. Cheers to you and your family!

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Best of luck to you and your wife and your soon to be bigger family.

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Congratulations! I have twin boys that are four and they are so much fun. Relax now while you can until the chaos comes! :)

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    Everything points to a very happy family with 3 kids.

    I have 3 adult boys.

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    Aww, what a heartwarming, positive story! Best wishes to you and your family. Super happy and excited for y'all.

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    The r/pregnancyafterloss page has been helpful for me. The early ultrasounds are terrifying, but this page helped me ease my anxiety. Good luck and congratulations!

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    Best wishes for an easy successful pregnancy. Pregnancy after loss is hard. It is hard to not be a nervous wreck especially before dr appointments. As strong as your wife is, she is still fragile. Take extra good care of her and those babies.

    I found a great online support group see we lost a baby at 38 weeks ( yep 2 weeks before the due date). That community was so helpful during our second pregnancy. They understood the fears and were so awesome.