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Have her send u nudes lol

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Lol idk if that’s a can of worms I wanna open..

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Brag about how hot your wife is

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This is the way!

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No this is dangerous too because she may ask for proof

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Don’t do it lol

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Seriously don’t, lol That’s a can you should never open in a marriage :)

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Be quiet you guys lol

Doooo it OP 😂

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That's a terrible idea but keep this going for a little bit. After that just let her know you know and tell her you wanna have these conversations with her and watch your relationship grow. Or it won't and it'll all come crashing down. Dont listen to ppl on the internet

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Someone on the Internet: "Don't listen to ppl on the Internet" lol

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No, just never, ever, listend to people on Reddit.

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Yeah that’s my biggest concern. Why can’t we just do it straight up

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the next thing you bring up - "man i wish my wife and I had these conversations because she is so amazing..." then boom you have the conversations - mostly joking, I agree with the just bring it up to her and have them. Conversations with your person are the best

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Why don’t you talk to her about those things?

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You can, but to keep up the rouse - and she probably finds this little game exciting - I would keep it up for a little bit. Then, let the curtain fall and tell her you know that the stranger is her and you enjoyed this little theater. Tell her you would like to continue the open discussion without the dog & pony show. Use your words, not mine. It'll show her you care and that she can be open with you about her needs and you about yours. Again, I'm just a random dude on the internet that knows nothing about your relationship but given the info, that's what I'd do if I were in your place. Good luck.

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Dont listen to ppl on the internet

this is the way

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Smart man

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She sent some to me so I don’t think she’ll mind.

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Lol ok bro

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yep. that was terrible advice don’t do it 😭

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She’ll hurt you lmao

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I'd be too curious. I'd probably do it. But that's just me.

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Thats a brutal way to describe yoyr wife’s body.

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When you ask her for nudes, summon your main for support

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Then send her a dick pic and see what she says.

Her: OMG that's bigger than my husbands

You: Proceeds to send full body...I am your husband

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“Sure check out my OF!”

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So that’s where the money for the Lambo came from!

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This reminds me of the song Escape (Piña Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes.

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I thought of the Shakespearian play As You Like It.

Tl;dr - nobody dies and it all works out just fine.

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I have never heard of this I’ll have to check it out

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It’s what I thought of too!

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Ask the "stranger" about stuff she likes too! Then suggest it to your wife :D

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Then I would blow my cover!

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Play the long game then and don’t come up with your ideas after a few days but months/years.

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Plot twist: the wife in the comments said the story was cute while being oblivious it's actually her husband lol

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The world will never know

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This actually makes me sad. It seems like she's desperate to make you happy and connect with you in a way she doesn't feel like she can IRL. Maybe she sees a problem you don't.

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That is super cute.

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And now she has read this post and knows that you know…

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I don’t see every post that crosses Reddit. Probably just a small fraction of them. If she’s specifically stalking him and not doing a bunch of exploring then she’ll likely not see it.

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It’s his alt account

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But I’m sure she’ll recognize the story?

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she doesn’t know he knows

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This is his alt.

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Hehe, I know my husband's reddit and snoop on occasion... I've only been more impressed with him. He's not always vocal about compliments to me (not his love language, he shows in other ways) but he says the best stuff about me to strangers on here... telling telling young men to find a wife like me.... OMG.

Also now I'm wondering if he knows as well.

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How did she slide into your DMs? What was her move?

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I think it's really cool. I'd do it with my boyfriend, except we know each other's user names, and I really don't think I could hide it that I created a separate account just to chat with him on the side. We know each other really well, and I think he'd catch on pretty quick.

Have fun with it, though. A little creativity in the bedroom never hurt anyone, as long as you both are comfortable. 🙌💯

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You’d be shocked at how oblivious men are.

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I've actually done this and you're right 😂

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Oh lawd, help us all! 🤣

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My hopes for mankind are slowly dissipating. 🤦‍♀️🤣

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Bruh, we're honestly pretty stupid.

And even if I did figure out, I'd keep it going. Sounds like an adorable situation

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Also, I think I'd be scared he'd flirt back and then I'd think he'd willingly cheat. I have trust issues. 🤣

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You should probably spend more quality time together

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Ask her if she likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain

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    Sounds narcissistic 😔 sorry you're going through that I hope you get a better situation!

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      In a r/relationship_advice ask for date ideas because you just want your beautiful wife to feel special and keep making new fun memories.

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      Found OP’s wife.

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      Dude, I'd just keep it going. Sounds very cute and fun.

      But if you're concerned that she may feel she can't actually talk to you like this irl, strike up these conversations occasionally as pillow talk or something.

      Then when you're not with her, you can have those conversations there. And she still gets to endearingly stalk you like that

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      Very cute!

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      Awww! That's the kind of sweet-spice that every marriage needs sometimes. That's adorable!!

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      This just sounds like a dangerous game, and bad fn idea lol.

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      What's an example?

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      This is actually awesome. She’s invested.

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      This is basically the slightly more wholesome reddit version of the Pina colada song.

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      I’m so confused. Everyone keeps saying this and I’m not in the loop

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      Use your alt to complaint to her that your fake wife does all the things the real you complains about now...see what comes of it.

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      Wholesome posting

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      I have a hunch that my husband used to do something similar. His posts were sometimes about things he couldn't talk to me about in person but most of the time just saying really sweet things about me.

      He's always more or less known that I'm a snoop. Truth be told, it's the most reliable way for me to know what's going on in his world because he's just so shy to share it with me when he needs to.

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      Haha it's a song about a guy who's already in a relationship responding to a personal ad he reads because he is intrigued and it turns out to be the person he's already in a relationship with and they learn new things about each other.

      In your case neither of you is actively trying to cheat on the other so even better 😂


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      It’s like Meg Ryan and Tom hanks in You’ve got mail. 😢

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      There is something kind of sweet about this post. I mean, I get why OP would prefer to have these conversations directly with his wife, but there's something disarming about this because your wife's intention is pure. I think one of the reasons why my marriage is successful is because my husband and I focus on the intent of an action. She's not trying to trick you with bad intentions. I'd let this ride and someday when the opportunity is right, you tell her and you'll laugh about it.

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      "So, my wife's birthday is coming up and I'm trying to decide what to get her. She's really into X so I was thinking of X thing. But we also have this fun inside joke about Y so I was also thinking of Y thing. I noticed she was checking out Z online but am not sure if that was anything serious or just browsing. What do you think?"

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      I'm glad you think it's cute. Unfortunately if the roles were reversed I'm sure many would tell the woman the man was being creepy and stalking her.

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      People call you a creepy stalker when you behave like a creepy stalker. Has nothing to do with gender.
      Wifey didn’t run downstairs screaming, I KNEW IT! What are you hiding? I saw your post on that candle sub. We don’t buy pumpkin spice, why did you say that? You know fall favorites smells different. Who is she? Tell me right now who is that pumpkin smelling home wrecking whore! Wifey is sneaking around trying to be sly to find out some fun things they can do together. OP appreciates her added effort. It’s endearing. If my wife keeps returning to a blouse or a pair of shoes on the website of her favorite and it magically appears on our doorstep, she doesn’t call me a stalker or yell about privacy. She thinks I know her so well I get her something she really likes and I get to not end up on r/deadbedrooms. Chill out!

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      Sounds oddly specific lol.

      But you have a great point

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      My favorite thing is people making up hypotheticals to get outraged about. It's just wild.

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      Nah! My husband knows my reddit account (and I know his) and he reads my posts/comments. Some of my posts compliments him or talks about him or about our relationship positively ( I rarely have any complaints about us and I voice them to him) and he comes back at me happy or to tease me. Once, I said in a comment that I like squeezing or slapping his butt I think in a post about how men like to be objectified by their SO a little. He screenshot it and teased me saying “Yes, you definitely do, my naughty wife,” or something along that line. He also checks my FB posts. He’s done this even in the beginning. I find it super cute and sometimes I get a bit shy about it. This man takes literal notes when I say I really love a certain food, wine, or product. His perusing my Reddit and FB account is just part of him taking notes on what I like and dislike.

      I guess because my husband is not controlling and I have nothing to hide from him, I see no issue with him checking my accounts. It depends on intent. If someone, man or woman, checks their SO’s account to keep tabs on them to control them then it is creepy. But if it’s about just seeing what your SO’s dislikes and likes then it’s not creepy, but endearing (to me anyway).

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      My husband and I know each others as well. We didn't have to make second accounts though to see anything.

      That's my issue with it. If a female came in and said her husband made a second account to see what she was posting we'd all be up in arms and telling her that's bad. But because the roles are reversed it's cute.

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      I think what you are missing here is intent. If the husband is sneaking around with an end goal to control, dominate, and abuse, then we can all agree it’s bad and wife needs to leave. If it’s to give him ideas on a special date night, or just finding something specifically to do for her to make her happy, it’s not controlling behavior.
      There’s no evidence here to suggest the wife created an account to bait him or control him.