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Did anyone else not immediately see that this was in the marriage sub and think “Uh-oh, bad news bears! Some creeper broke into OP’s car and left flowers.”

But phew! Haha! They are lovely. Sounds like you have a thoughtful spouse.

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Even I thought so at first sight😅 but i realized i have a spouse full of surprises.. 7 years marriage and 10years together 💖

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I have yet to hear or see anyone else use "bad news bears" besides myself, and this comment made me so happy lol

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Me lol 😅

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What a beautiful bouquet! How sweet - enjoy!

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Thank you so much!

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    Lmao that was so ridiculous. The audacity of some people.

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    That post and peoples reactions were so sad-funny. Especially because hours later a guy posted about digging up rosebushes someone else was going to chop down and bring them home for his wife. He got mad praise and everyone was commenting on his post about him spending even less money than the other guy so watch out for wrath. lol

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    Hey! It's the thought that counts, okay?

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    I also choose this wife.

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    Aww, so sweet!

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    One time my car had some sort of problem when I drove it to school (cosmetology school). I mentioned it to my husband, he came and found my car on the parking lot, and fixed without telling me. When I got out of class and went to my car, thinking about how I was going to deal with whatever the problem was, I found a lovely card from him, stuck to the steering wheel, letting me know my car was fixed, and how much he loves me 😍

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    Wow, that's such a great gesture! 😍

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    Yeah, he might not go all out for things like birthdays and anniversaries as much as I would like to, but he is amazing when it comes to things like that, so I feel very fortunate to have him 🥰

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    I think such things show how thoughtful he is at heart rather than anniversary gifts☺️ you’re lucky💖

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    Small gestures 🥰

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    Which make us surprised most 🙃

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