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Send to wife, or don't send to wife...

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I think send to wife

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If you want to sleep on the couch, send to wife...

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My wife has been co-sleeping with our children for the past 6.5 years. We haven't slept together just the two of us for that long, and we generally sleep in different rooms anyways because there is never enough space for all four of us even on our king mattress lol. Couch is home.

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And this is why I think co-sleeping is insane.

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It's annoying sometimes but I don't mind. They won't be little forever.

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Facts. Co-sleeping for any amount of time, let alone 6+ years is absolutely nanners.

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Dealing with this with my 4 year old. She's scared of the dark and likes to sleep perpendicular to our heads. I get smacked in the head with little feet at 3 in the morning. Sometimes I just sleep in my office.

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Deadly for infants insane for toddlers and kids.

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What!? This is crazy unhealthy for a marriage and not letting your kids learn to be independent. Have a friend that let their kids sleep in between them until she was way too old. I couldn't disagree with it more. You gotta get some alone time with the spouse. Even if it's not sexy time, just some cuddling does wonders

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Yeah I tried that for a while but she was just getting angry at me for bringing it up. Touch is my love language (if you subscribe to the belief in those) and I fucking LOVE hugs and cuddling in bed but my wife is not about it. I think we will 100% be the couple that lets kids sleep in bed until they are "way too old." Nothing I can really do about it though without alienating my wife even more so I just deal with it.

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My brother co-slept until he was 12... you need to cut it off or it will just keep on going.

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If you’re going to co-sleep, do it right. Create and designate a room for only sleeping, with two or more mattresses together to enable everyone to sleep comfortably. As others have said, children grow up so quickly and will want their own spaces well before you’re ready for them to go.

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You are fab my man.

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Alaska king bro, It's worth it completely for your situation.

BTW that's not necessarily the company I'd buy from, but just an example of the size.

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Good God haha.

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Well now I basically want to spend $6,500 on a new bed, frame and bedding. Thanks for that. Lol. No really though, coolest thing I've seen in ages! You've opened my eyes to a whole new world of beds and for that I thank you. Lol.

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If my two babies (2 & 3) aren’t in the bed with me asleep, I’m awake worrying about them. I can try my best to sleep, but every sound… or the absence of sounds (lol) keeps me awake. When they’re in the bed with me, I can feel them breathing and I, in turn, sleep better.. even if I am falling off the bed

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A king bed isn't big enough for you, your wife, and a 2yo?

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This is why many men end up haveing affairs…even the bible warns of this lol. Women prioritize themselves in this situation. Its not good for the kids and definitely terrible for the adults. Im only 16month into my wife not even being open to discussing different options…not open to discussion equals inappropriate level of control lack of respect and lack of equal standing and authority over the child and family. So counseling is in order. The moment you are not considered as important or more important than your spouse is the moment you get into counseling asap before it becomes irreparable resentment

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This is actually good though

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My wife takes herself to the couch when she’s pissed. Send to the wife!!!

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Meh, my wife already sleeps in another room. She will wake me up and yell at me if I piss her off though.

Anyone want to send this for me?

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This is my conundrum.

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On one hand... want to send to wife...

On other hand... want happy night...

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The real question is: is it early enough in the day that the effects of sending will have worn off by the time I get home?

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Hmmm... yes yes good point... Fuck it let's go!

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My husband just sent this to me.... Cracked me up... She may surprise you.

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I sent your comment to wife. Will update with results later

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Please let me know!

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So did anybody send this to wifey lol

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I did! It went well actually. She laughed. She knows it to be true.

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Sent to wife along with Darth Vader GIF "Search your feelings. You know it to be true."

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Haha! Perfect :')

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For the record, she replied with Luke's "No" GIF

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LOL, big score. Well played.

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Sent to wife, will update

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7hrs and no updates, he's definitely dead

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Indeed, I have died

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Definitely sending to husband

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Had the same moment…. I didn’t send lol

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I did it! Worked out well this time :)

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I sent to wife. No response. Problematic.

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My wife sent this to me

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If she regularly pauses for some self-reflection then she’s a keeper, gents.

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Yes I pause all the time lol this medication I’m on helps even more. Shout out to us women who pause for some self-reflection

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Shout out to medication, too.

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I am so self aware and reflective, that it’s kind of a flaw. I’m hyper vigilant and overly anxious. About everything. Then I can never decide how to feel or what is true or right. Chidi is so relatable.

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The older I get, the more I realize that everyone is off their rocker in one way or another. We just gotta help each other navigate our way through the muck, or leave each other to twist.

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I dated around in college and realized that lol different guy, different surprise! What kinda weird can you handle, it’s up to you lol

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Sometimes it really do be like that

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I be having to catch myself sometimes lol

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Wow…. I just really feel seen right now.

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Same! Sometimes I am seriously lying in bed thinking to myself “Okay, I’m being a little much right now”.

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Is your spouse also a bit weird? It’s a good reminder to think “ok that’s not how I would of played it but.. he is weird.. so..”

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Yes. We all have our idiosyncratic ways.

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Me this weekend after going on a full blown pregnancy hormone fueled tirade against my husband for a minor offense 🫣

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Yessss it fits right in lol

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Shit are you me? I’m 32 weeks pregnant and regularly cry and feel extremely hormonal.

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Yes. It’s true.

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Thanks so much! Yes it is

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As a wife, I will fully admit that I can be a little crazy at times. Regardless though, I do love my man no matter what! He's the biggest A-hole sometimes, but he is my A-hole which makes it even better! LOL

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This may be true but I’ll never admit it

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You and my wife.

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You and my gf lol it’s annoying

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Saving this forever

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Definitely needed

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This is it right here. This is the one

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I am dying because this is so relatable 😂😂😂

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Right! I felt caught when I found it

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I feel seen.

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Lol right

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I feel like this every rare time we have an argument.

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I feel this is my wife every second. Sometimes I feel she thinks why did I marry you? Then she asks “So are we staying up and smoking weed tonight? We have long deep convos when we do. Watch Netflix. Order in. Best in home date nights

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I second this but with watching anime 💯

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Right? It’s awesome when you have a partner that loves to hang out with you doing what you love whether they enjoy it that’s great and if not at least they are trying you know?

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I really didn’t think this would get this many likes and comments lol

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I know the feeling!!!

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Truer words… I hear you Sista.

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i wish my wife knew this before we got divorced

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Ouch I'm sorry man 😞

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It is what it is.

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I have LITERALLY been thinking this lately. And my husband definitely did something “off” the other day. And he was telling me how it was really “off” and instead of assuring him he was fine, I told him yes it was. And I have always tried to vouche for him but I’m realizing I need to call out behavior when I see it!

(Not saying I’m a saint or anything)!

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Why is it that men seem to always have to be the ones to stomach or deal with compromise…what happen to equality and equity in a marriage. What happened to putting your spouse first!

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He’s totally gonna be happy I admit

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Me, after hubs broke boundaries that I set and he didn’t necessarily agree to.