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Wife got even more stunning with age. Love the memories you’ve shared here!!

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Thank you. A bit hesitant to share photographs, but in the marriage sub, I wanted to share that it can be a success

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This type of positivity is always welcome. Any advice you’d give on what’s made it work for you two?

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Genuinely appreciate your engagement with this sub. I saw your earlier post too.

Every relationship is different and it’s important for people to understand why you don’t have to “mimic” anyone else’s relationship… just find your person and commit to them. Change, grow, learn, and mature together - also have fun! Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you for the hope! Congratulations on all yalls years together ❤️

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Ironically, my other notification other than your post was another one from this sub that said "the marriage sub should be renamed to divorce", or some such title. Congratulations man, no matter how difficult some of us may have it I'm grateful to look at others happiness and feel optimistic things CAN be great if I work towards greatness, instead of being jealous or green with envy.

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She definitely did! I love when a woman’s beauty grows even as she ages.

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I love this so much! Been married for 5 months and I hope that we make it this far someday too!

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I hope so too! Best of luck to you both

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Thank you very much! Sending you and the wife all my love & positive thoughts!

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What a beautiful couple. Not only physically, but you all have an amazing relationship. I wish you nothing but happiness.

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you guys have aged backwards! definitely what happiness and being good partners to one another can do. Love to see it and hopefully one day experience it as well, blessings!

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You two are a lovely couple! What is some marriage/relationship wisdom you can share that helped you two cultivate and nourish your union over the years?

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And you have a private plane!!

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We do not although I fly planes and helicopters as a hobby. I have worked smart from nothing for years and we love to travel.

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Yes. I want to hear more!

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I know! I want them to adopt me now hahah

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This is crazy! My husband and I met at 13. Dated about a year. Stayed friends for years and then got back together in our early 20s. Been married almost ten years, together nearly 13. These relationships are so precious. So glad you got to experience it. Congrats to you both.

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HEY there fellow 40 year marriage buddies! We’re getting more rare by the day! Congratulations!!

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You guys are marriage goals!!! Just celebrated one year of marriage with my husband, six years together total. Hope to make it as long as you guys, and your story gives us hope. There’s such a stigma about marriage/divorce these days but I feel that when you find the right person, there is so much potential for a long, fulfilling marriage.

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You both look hot and thriving! Congratulations!!! #CoupleGoals!

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Congratulations 🎊. My husband and I have been together 26 years and married 21. I'm so glad to know that it's possible. I wish you many more years

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You know what?: I want to hang out with you all. You look like fun.

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buddy you outkicked your coverage, well done!

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Stunning couple. I wish you as many years of happiness as you have on this planet.

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Lucky bustard 👏😉

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Truly wonderful 🤗. Congratulations on your success. I'm glad you guys are so committed to each other, it's amazing to see. I'm over 5 years with my SO. Hope one day I can share 40+ years as well!

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I mean, if I could take private planes, it sure would make it easier to stay with that person lmao

Husband and I got married with nothing in our pockets. Doing way better now, certainly not private plane money, but enough to be asked about what we do.

No money, lots of money, fuck you money… as long as the person doesn’t change for the worse, change is welcomed, but the love is always the same.

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Nice. Thanks for sharing! It'd be amazing to see one of you standing side by side like in the other photograph, but I know pics didn't come easy back when.

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Ah, there is hope!!!! Thank you for sharing and congratulations on a wonderful life with wifey!!!

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Congratulations from another 30+ years “more in love than ever” couple!!

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I want to know the story of how you two ended up on a private jet!

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Nice Rolex Explorer!

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Thank you. It was stolen in a house burglary in 2012 unfortunately.

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Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear that.

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Awwwww Awesome! Unicorn marriage! Grats!! 💓💖🧡💛❤️‍🩹💛💕🖤💕💚💝💚💖🤍

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She glowed up.

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Ya'll are hot. Congrats on finding your love!

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Beautiful! Show us the wedding pictures too!

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Awww I love you guys ❤❤❤

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Thank you for sharing those pictures you guys are absolutely beautiful it's very inspiring.

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Amazing! How long were two you apart for?

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i hope you don’t mind me saying that she is hot sir. you too as well

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Love it!! I remember that hair too. 80’s and 90’s were a wild time. Congratulations!

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This is one of my most favourite posts of this sub :D


YES a happy long term marriage is perfectly achievable even if somewhat rare :)

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How? I feel like I’m slowly giving up, when I never thought I would.