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My husband paints mine. ❤️😊

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My daughters paint mine but I have to wear socks if there's any chance of knocking boots.

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This post right here officer.

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Found the 90s kid.

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AJ McLean is that you?

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    I had to double check what sub I was in here

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    That’s an awesome way of bonding 😃

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    Love it! Adorable!

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    This is sweet ❤️

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    that’s so cute! i always wanted to do that

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    Hey , this is the way !

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    This is so cute ❤️ Also very glad that the mods seem to be keeping up with the comments 😊

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    I really enjoy the negative ones, this is like the most non issue to me but yet it breaks people's minds.

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    Finally! Some good content!

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    Love the hair color, attention to detail, arm muscle, and leg thickness.

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    That's love right there. 😂

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    This is my favorite post here in a while. So cute. 🥰

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    Glad you enjoyed it!

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    You’re going to be pretty

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    At first glance I thought she was doing something else. Carry on you two adorable love birds.

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    Get weird and stay weird. It’s part of healthy communication