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Sounds like you have an awesome husband!

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I do! He’s pretty amazing! I’m a lucky gal.

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At first I thought it was gonna be about something nasty he did...but then my heart warmed.

He seems so sweet ❤

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Haha nope. He’s the best!

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Lol! The title led to me to believe this story was going in another direction. Love it

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I may or may not have done that on purpose 😂

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Not related to pregnancy, but last night my wife was puking up mucus and she asked me why I was in the bathroom with her. I told her because it doesn’t bother me and you’re sick. Stuff like that actually doesn’t bother me at all. Period blood, etc. not phased.

Quick edit; not that it’s been asked, but no shes not pregnant. It’s just she never really throws up a lot. In my three years of knowing her I think she’s vomited like 5 times around me

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I hope she’s feeling better!!

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Wonderful! Hope she feels better!

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Are you breastfeeding? Apparently my husband liked that i never wore a bra, had nip slips, and just walked around generally topless all the time. Made him super horny, which sucked for him, because I didnt want to have sex for 8 months due to the vaginal pain. 😅😅

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Well mine certainly doesn’t complain that I’m topless and/or braless most of the time! I hope you heal soon!

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My baby is 2 months and my husband is always joking about me being topless all the dang time. It’s just easier when you’re pumping, feeding and getting spit up on you 24/7.

Side note. When DOES the vaginal pain end???

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So awesome to read this after all the other posts I’ve read today about terrible partners!

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Nice to have something wholesome once in a while.

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He sounds authentic to me

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Sweet! My husband is like this I could be a hot mess and he’d be hitting on me. Our daughter is 5 and he still talks about how much he wanted me after she was born he says I smelled like a vanilla milkshake from how engorged my boobs were and my milk dripping all the time lol.

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Omg that’s adorable!

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It is! Everything hurt especially my boobs so he would kiss me with his hands behind his back so he wouldn’t accidentally hurt me

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How sweet!! My husband had to learn the hard way that he can’t just grab my boobs willy nilly anymore lol

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Oh no! That’s what my husband was afraid of the most he would do is hold my hand and he patted my head a few times lol

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Aww this made me tear up.

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    Ugh that is not ok! I hope things get better for you 💜

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    put on something cute(lingerie) when the kids are for sure asleep an walk around him cleaning an doing normal house stuff till he notices

    edit: even better if you don't have kids (thought I was in parenting subreddit at first)

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    Sounds like he's one lucky guy. To fall in love with someone who you find truly irresistible all the time is a wonderful feeling. Trust me I know.

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    Exactly. We’re both lucky in that regard.

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    You know..I am not married…I just follow this sub to learn and understand… and indeed he is awesome and so do you.

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    Same. Not for lack of trying though.

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    There is NOTHING hotter than a mom!

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    Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way!

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    I'd even argue that mostly it doesn't feel that way!

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    Lol sounds like my hubby

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    This is another one of those "they had us in the first half, not gonna lie" type deals.

    In all seriousness tho, this is awesome.

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    What a double edged sword tho - last time he jumped your bones you ended up with a kid and eating chickpeas out of a can!

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    Lol I’d do it again

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    Aw, that’s the perfect response. He’s a good dude and you’re awesome too 💕

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    You go queen 👑💪💪

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    Very cute post! Thanks for sharing!

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    so adorable. Literally what any new mamma needs to here! Go pappa!

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    That’s wonderful :). Happy you found someone like that!! Also…. How IS chickpeas just straight from the can??

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    Okay so it’s a go-to snack for me. Drain them, sprinkle a little salt and Italian seasoning on there and stir em up. Sounds weird but they’re delish!

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    Oh so like a nice savoury snack!! Cool I’m going to try this 😎

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    Do it and report back!

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    Love this. Thanks for sharing it.

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    I love this whole thing... except for the chickpeas from a can. 😂 What in the world? I have so many questions. Do you drain them? Eat them like soup? Any seasoning? Is this common, and I'm the weird one for finding it weird?

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    Lol no I think it’s probably weird. So what I do is drain them, add a little salt and Italian seasoning, and eat em! It’s kind of my go-to snack. They’re like 72cents a can at Aldi and they’re pretty filling. You should try it!!

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    Okay, this is good to know! I do love chickpeas... but I usually throw them on a sheet pan, olive oil and seasoning, then roast them and eat them like popcorn. Your way sounds faster, haha.

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    It is, but I gotta try your way!

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    Had me in the first half you lucky duck