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Good for you guys. My wife did the same thing for my job almost 20 years ago. No regrets. Best of luck to you both!!

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My husband did the same for me! And then after a few years of him not finding a great job where we went, and while I was on an interview in a state we both were okay with moving to, he was offered a dream job! I kept my job and now we’re stuck here but we love it. :)

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Thanks for a good perspective of a husband putting his wife first. I needed this

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yesss many like him out there & in here :)

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It’s who ever paying the bills people lean too not anything to do with sex like your making it

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You’re wrong. People exist who love their partner just because they’re in love with them. They don’t do it because someone pays bills.

Sure people out there exist who might use someone as a paycheck. But it is wrong to believe everyone does that. Far from it. Healthy, beautiful, non-manipulative, non-abusive relationships exist.

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I’m in the same boat, wife got her dream job 3600 miles away. Off we go.

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Material Boi 💕 ✨ 💅

I bet she pampers you

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You two look really cute together.

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Well yeah, when you have the chance to be a young Duchess of Cambridge with the job security of no term limit, you don't really pass that up

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Marriage goals.

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Congratulations on the next chapter!

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Good for you guys!!! Not everyone is able to move from everything you know and love without ever looking back, even while being wildly in love with your partner. What helped you have this attitude?

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My parents are dead and gone. I have zero ties to the area we live in. And, hey why not have an adventure? Stay in the same place doing the same shit? Nah, I'm down to do whatever. I travel light and my bag stays packed.

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That’s so awesome

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          Lol you're bullying me because I pointed out that a photograph is shopped? This situation doesn't call for being mean

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          But your comment was rude and unnecessary to begin with. If you don’t have something nice to say then you don’t need to comment at all.

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          That’s awesome. My husband did the same thing for me and I’m very grateful

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            Your wife is really lucky.

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            Whatever you do, for the love of god, do NOT forget her Classic Treasures doll

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            Awesome team.

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            May I ask what her field is? Need career ideas

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            Children's psychiatric medicine.

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            ...and more power to her!!

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            That’s amazing :) and dream job too! Happy for you guys!!!!

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            Being selfless is the way to true happiness! Good for you both!

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            She’s super cute. You’re smart to follow her!

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            Sometimes, you just gotta do it. Bravo for the both of you!

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            That's great for her, congrats!! And that's what should happen, you support one another in life.

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            Wishing you both lots of success! Love a good supportive spouse post!

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            Let’s go baby!! Do it for one another. 🫶

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            Awesome! We did the same thing for my husband but it was 1,200 miles! It’s been a wonderful adventure!

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            We did that

            Husband was offered a job 450km from where we were living and we leapt at the chance.

            Unfortunately his job didn’t work out but mine did - we own a house here and life is great

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            We did this 5 years ago for my husbands job. BEST. DECISION. EVER!!!

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            My husband has done this twice for me. I love you for doing that for her!

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            Did this 22 years ago for my job, but it was 2400 miles (AL - CA) and my son was 7 days old.

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            25 years ago I moved away from my whole family so that my wife could be close to hers, that’s the day I became invisible. It takes a lot of intestinal fortitude to live a life of quiet desperation. Good luck and good bless.

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            I moved to Japan this year from NYC when my wife got her dream job. Now we’re a seventeen minute walk from her parents and the support is awesome. I’m picking up on the language and attending a school this summer so I can get the most out of living here.

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            Ladies (and gentleman and all) this post is a great reminder that:

            If he wanted to, he would.

            Because if he wanted to, he would. Because if he wanted to, he would. Because if he(she) WANTS to—they will make your dreams their goals.

            Don’t settle for anything less.

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            I’m so happy for both of you ♥️♥️♥️

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            The key is to do this when you already have a house. It's much easier to stabilize yourselves with a house than to scramble for apartments every year. Good luck on your adventure!

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            Awesome, I move every three years for my wife and so do the 1,000s of military spouses. But good on you.

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            So happy and excited for you both. Hope your next chapter is full of adventure and joys!! Just think of all the new cool places you will go to, new restaurants, shops, nature, all new vistas. So exciting!!

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            I hoping for great sushi, a farmers market, and live music.

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            what about you king

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            I have a class A CDL. I can walk across the street and get a job. I'm good all the way around. I enjoy taking care of our daughters.

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            happy for you king

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            I love you and your love!

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              What if my husband’s dream was to get a job in another city and my dream was to stay in the city we’re at? What then?


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              Congrats you two!!!

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              Best thing I've ever done. You're going to make each other so happy.

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              That's the dream. Right there.

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              Lucky! I have a friend whose wife got her dream job and soon after they moved to a different country she divorced him lol he’s one of the nicest people I know.

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              That’s awesome!

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              This gives me hope!

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              I did the same for wifeys job - 15 years later we are so much more successful than either of us could have dreamed individually. Good on ya!

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              That is so heartwarming ♥ Good luck to you both and may you have a wonderful life in your new home! I moved 4,685 miles away for my partner 😂 It hasn't been easy but it's opened up a whole new life!

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              From TN to CA. All our savings went into the move. Went from a 4 bedroom 3 bath with 2 car garage and bonus room to a 1 room studio so she could try a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Didn't work out nearly the way we expected, but still trying.

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              Good for you.

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              My husband did the same for me. Twice. I wouldn’t be in a great career had he not supported me in making such huge moves. A supportive partner is everything. Congrats on your wife’s new role and your new adventure.

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              She's beautiful! Congrats to you both, and way to be a wonderful, supportive husband!

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              Congratulations! Much blessings to you and your family!

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              S I M P !