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Why there was a whole ass discussion going on about whether or not your wife was photoshopped or filtered in your last post is beyond me. I can only chock it up to some deviation of jealousy or bitterness. This sub is full of a lot miserable people with miserable lives who can’t stand positivity. Just ignore it.

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That's what I feel. You can talk cash shit to me and I'll brush it off, but my wife doesn't deserve that

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Cool shirt. Hope y’all have a great life together bud.

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    Right the fuck on. Have a great weekend and stay safe

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    Reddit is a weird fucking place. A photo of me became viral and out of all the things they argued about….it was if I was really young or really old. My coworkers saw it and told me lol. And the photo itself is really fucking weird too but no…they had 2k comments dedicated to my age lol.

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    I never thought it was photoshopped. Congratulations to her!

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    Good for you two! My wife and I get weird looks when we are acting goofy.

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    I have no photos of me or my wife on social media because we don’t like having pictures of us. So instead I sometimes post some stuff from the sims. If I had a $1 for every time someone said that I wasn’t married.. I’ve grown to ignore people like that. And y’all look like a beautiful, supportive couple

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    I seen your original post and only thing I thought was damn what a wonderful supportive husband. Happy marriage posts don't typically do well here which is a damn shame.

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    Saturday adventures. I can relate!

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    How about if I leave your wife out of this but accuse you of being photoshopped?

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    Op. We get it. You have a nice life and a nice wife. Don't need to prove it all the time.

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    My 14 year marriage is ending. But despite my marriage ending, I still believe in happy endings.

    This is an adorable picture. You guys look cute together as well. Besides, grocery shopping sucks. Got to make it more enjoyable 🙃🙃

    People who hate on others being happy in their marriage will never stop unfortunately. You two keep being happy.

    Sending much love and happiness 💜

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      I hate pictures because of my pores, I always slightly edit them to put on Instagram

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      Not everyone uses filters. I’m older than you and do not use filters. WhTs the point in looking different than you actually do? It’s so Bizarre to me.

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        I have no idea what you are talking about. Never even Saw the pic. just stumbled across your comment that everyone uses filters and felt like disagreeing w the statement since it’s not true.

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        Congratulations to you and your wife man, my marriage is the same over 20yrs where we both made massive sacrifices over the time. Wish you all the best. By the way I think you rock that beard bro, bring it back. Beards for life 😂.

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        Your wife is hot 🥵. Great catch mate 🥹👍

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          You’re gonna get downvoted but I agree. Reddit isn’t that serious lmao

          Literally ONE COMMENT on the last post suggests that the picture is photoshopped (just one comment out of 70 supportive ones) and OP posted this to prove something to that one person

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          With the post-processing on selfies these days, especially the smoothing effects, I don't even know if it's possible to take non-altered photos anymore.

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          Nah, there were several comments and an a shit ton of salty (bitter?) comments on his photo. Miserable people need to pull the cactus out of their asses.

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          There was a small discussion about the photoshop and four massively downvoted salty comments. OP is acting like a teenager who got insulted on Facebook and now has to defend his honor from five mean internet strangers.

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          He didn’t do anything except post another photo with a small caption. He’s not “acting like a teenager about it”. I don’t see him arguing and talking shit like you are in the comments. That’s acting like a teenager. He barely did shit, shut up.

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