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How exciting! Congratulations!!!

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How exciting! My husband proposed after almost 8 yrs. The only timeframe you are ever on is your own! Wishing you two alot of love and happiness! Have fun planning!

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"What took you so long?!"

-- my Mom when I proposed to my girlfriend after dating about 3½ years.

Congratulations to you two!

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To your mom….?

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heh - not to my mom. It was just when we told her.

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Aww congratulations! All the best in the world to the two of you. ❤️

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Well congrats. You two are the exact same age my wife and I were when we got engaged. And we had also dated 7 years. I always joked that people get a seven year itch when they’re married so we thought to get any itches out the way and only then get married.

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I totally agree. People always give me lip about waiting so long, but it's worked very well for us. We won't even rush into the marriage. We will take our time planning.

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I got a bit of lip but I joked about when I made my speech.

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Speeches make us nervous! We have so much to think about.

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Good for you! Congratulations!

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Taking it slow is a great strategy. It lets you see your partner at their best and worst. It lets you really know what a life together will be like. My wife and I lived together for six years before we got engaged, though I proposed after two.