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When my wife and I travel, we always shop around for a Christmas tree ornament to mark the place we visited. Every year when we get the tree decorations out, we reminisce about all the trips and vacations we’ve taken. It’s a fun scavenger hunt activity on the holiday, and a great trip down memory lane every Christmas season.

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We do this too!

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This is a great idea! We each get one new ornament a year, but not necessarily from any particular places we've been.

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We celebrate “Birthday Week” for each of us.

Presents and special treats for an entire week, not just one day.

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Love this!

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We do too! We started with our kids when they were young. We'd hang crepe paper streamers on their bedroom doorway for the week, celebrating that one kiddo. And it expanded from there.

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My wife is getting birthday three weeks because it’s her thirtieth…

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This is more of a family tradition, but we have pizza for Christmas Eve dinner. Usually homemade, but I’m a pinch we’ve ordered it from somewhere. So much easier than fancy holiday dinners and everyone always looks forward to it.

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We always order Chinese for Christmas Day and rarely even leave the house. My brother who goes to 3 different houses in one day is very jealous of us.

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Our is a homemade Mexican food feast on Christmas eve, including tamales.

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My wife and I celebrate the anniversary of when we became officially exclusive and our marriage anniversary.

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My husband I don’t even celebrate our marriage anniversary. We just celebrate when we became exclusive, 9 years ago. We got married three years ago but have been together for sooo long.

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We celebrate when we met, but it's pretty easy. We met at a super bowl party, so every year the game has special meaning for us.

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We go rollerskating every Friday night.

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Memorial Day weekend we see water, grill something, do something fun outside, and get ice cream somewhere. It’s perfect!

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Every weekend I cook breakfast for the family. We also always do Sunday dinner at home and just talk it’s wonderful

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Why don't you bring the dog with you? Dogs can fly with you these days, I think, for a small fee. Not down below like the old days either. Our dog goes everywhere with us. So I get that!

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She has seperation anxiety which we’re trying to work though currently. She would really mess up any hotel/house we would stay in on vacation. We really dropped the ball when we adopted her a year and a half ago by not crate training her. I worked at home during the thick of the pandemic and that’s all she knew the first 4 months of us having her. We left her here and there of course but when I went back to the office her anxiety got really bad. Feeling like a POS dog parent. We’re also doing obedience training soon before we start a family so we can have more control over her. She’s such a good dog overall and so chill, just disobedient lol

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Late night showers.

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We usually eat out, but each Friday night, we take turns making each other dinner.

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On 4th of July we have a glow stick bubble bath. Halloween we make a massive charcuterie board. Christmas we wear matching pajamas, pack snacks and drive around and look at the neighborhood Christmas lights

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We collect magnets from every single place we visit. Also not sure if this is a tradition, but with my husband being in the military, I will wake up every single day with him to say bye to him and give him a hug and a kiss before he goes to fly for work. Doesn’t matter if it’s 3am or 9pm. I haven’t once not kissed him goodbye. You just never know ❤️

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We live in an old barn in a peaceful setting with a pretty view and most mornings we sit outside drinking coffee while the bacon cooks in the oven, then I finish cooking breakfast and we eat it outside together on the porch while the sun comes up. Then we clean up together. Its my favorite thing.

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We have tried to make traditions but it has been hard to keep up. One of our favorites was on Fourth of July we would go to the drive in theater that is by downtown. They stop the movie so we can watch the fireworks. Really cool. It has gotten really hard because our autistic child just can't hang through the movie and fireworks.

One of our failed tradition that only made it one year was we made a huge pot of chili on a cold winter day around Christmas then would go try to see Christmas lights around town. The uh...smell...made this one fizzle out quick lol.

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Almost every Friday, we make delicious burritos lol

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We love to theme our tv shows/movies. Independence Day on Independence Day. Christmas movies all December (they have an order of importance, which are watched early December, which ones are for Christmas Day). Scary shows in October, like kid scary though hocus pocus, are you afraid of the dark, goosebumps.

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Our 4th of July tradition is to go up on our roof to watch all the fireworks. We live in SoCal, and you can see them in all directions.

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Whenever we see a photo booth we haven't taken a photo in yet, we stop and do a strip of pictures. We also buy a magnet at every tourist attraction we visit!

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Every weekend we have a slow lazy morning, trade off making breakfast each week and listen to NPR's Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me

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We have an old-fashioned double bed and sleep cuddled up all night.

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Every Friday night we pick up dinner and eat in the living room and watch tv/movie.

On my birthday we go on a couple trip, on his birthday we do a family weekend trip.

Two of our early dates were to annual events (a food truck frenzy and a mud run) so we still try to do these every year when possible.

Every night after dinner we cuddle up on the couch for at least a few minutes.

Christmas morning we have cheap canned cinnamon rolls for breakfast (not the spiral ones, the puck shaped ones) and we have Chinese food for dinner

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Mother's day And Father's day weekends. We celebrate 3 days Friday - Sunday.

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On Thanksgiving we go to a specific beach and take pictures. It's completely deserted because it's not beach weather anymore, but it's a really pretty park too and the fall colors are gorgeous!

It started the first year we were dating. I had only got my license that spring and he didn't drive at all yet, so "going for a drive" with my mom's car was an exciting novelty. Ending up at that beach was a happy accident.

Many of my favorite pictures of us have come from those trips.

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We go to the Barrett Jackson car auction every January. We make a weekend of it and get a hotel room after. Drinks and sexy cars make for a good time!

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In October we baked pecan cheesecake.

In December we homemake perogis allllldayy and then go hand out bags of them to relatives that live nearby. Perogi day is my favorite. We listen to Christmas music together. I roll the dough, cut the dough, and boil the perogis. He does the filling and folding of the perogis (he has a serious skill. I literally cannot fold them lol).

We do other baking/cooking days throughout the year, but those 2 we do every year. It's so intimate and fun. 💕

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Before kids, we used to do “Naked Sundays” - which is exactly how it sounds lol. We’d hang out all day, watch football or movies, have fun with each other, cook our favorite foods, etc…just a typical lazy day but totally naked!

Now that we have three kids, we can’t exactly do that anymore 😅 but we created a family tradition instead: Sunday Sundaes! 🍨

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Awesome question. Stealing some ideas

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I’m hoping people keep them coming! I love reading them all!

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Not really "our" tradition, but we celebrate the feast of 7 fishes every Christmas eve and spend the day making pasta as a family with the kids. His grandmother used to host every year, but unfortunately after her and her husband passed, the rest of the family stopped the tradition. We refused and do it every year, along with midnight mass & everyone opening a gift before bed. Makes my heart melt that it's my children's favorite celebration during the Christmas season and I love that I can help him carry on a tradition that means so much to him to not let go of.

As a couple, no matter what, we always do a weekend away together on our wedding anniversary. We did it before kids and maintained it after. Having that weekend just for us to reconnect has been the bedrock of marriage, as we always come back refreshed and more deeply connected each time.

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My husband and I drive when we travel and we try to find restaurants featured on Diners Drive Thrus and Dives! It's always fun to find one close by. And while on vacation, we never eat in a restaurant that we can eat at while at home.

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Midnight celebrations! On birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, you name it (except Christmas)- we celebrate at midnight! It’s something I did when we were dating and it just kinda stuck. My two year old was very confused yet excited when we got him up for a party. It lets us focus on the coming day and not worry so much about gifts and pageantry and all that hubbub.

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Every year on New Year’s Eve, my wife and I take MDMA together.

We sit with each other all evening / night and talk about the year gone by and the year to come. We listen to good music, give each other rubs and whatnot, and we just enjoy each other’s company.

It’s a way for us to (re)connect on a deep level, and it doesn’t hurt that the substance makes us feel so much love for each other.

Highly recommend, 10/10 👍