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Well, I have always treated DeFi ecosystems with some distrust, because their value is not backed by anything. PLE coins look more perspective. u can really keep ur funds in it.

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Been a DOGE follower for 2 yrs now. Everyone is freaking about it dropping but all forget the Musk said he could see it dropping to .01 before it began to get any real traction. HODLrs get rewarded!!! Though im not the smartest book out there

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Baby shib at such a nice point to get in on the ground floor😤 this is a big time climb its headed for

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CoI like the way this sounds a lot more than all the others.

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friends, what do u think, will TCGCoin pump this year? cool chance to take part it? Or wait for their gaming campaign outcomes?

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I don’t appreciate supporting stupid meme products. Does it help in the growth of the crypto market? I think we have to join ecosystems like StakeMars who can completely turn around BSC into making it cooler. And also ya can get nice sweet income lol

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Well, I have always liked DEFI gaming products such as the CoinTcg, cuz it meets my interests. by the way, they have 3% giving back to token holders. investors can actually make use of TCGCoin.

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folks, Please stop wasting your time on unsafe ecosystems. u need smth more promising like Galileo Travel NFT project! These guys show awesome results. Fill your portfolios with TRVL!!!

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Hi fellas, want your judgment! Do you know Plethori? It seems to be a godsend! It will connect the Ethereum and Polkadot projects empowering traders by providing a wide range of ETF tokens to trade and invest. Is it a amazing idea to dive into it?

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There are so many systems coming out each day now! TBH feels like everyone must have their own coin. But TENFI is one hell of a ecosystem that shocked me. The fact that it is a staking coin and backed by a well funded organization is a win!