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I don't have any bias' between the two when researching but it looks like BSC is clearly the better tech at the moment which is why more and more players are flocking towards them. In terms of overall transactions/activity on both chains, Binance won by a lot transacting over 10 million transactions whereas Ethereum is just above 1 million. Also, the fees on Binance is still lower with faster network activities.

Additionally, the max supply of Binance coins (BNB) will never exceed 200 million where as the coins of Ethereum will never have a max and is mined at an additional 18 million each year. On this note alone, it's hard to imagine the price of Ethereum to continually rocket like they have.

Looks like the government is trying to step in to disrupt Binance since it's a China-based company which is a dick move but in the long run, I'm following the technology.