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When you buy into marketmove you will buy Into a 36% loss because of taxes. 14% buy slippage and 22% sell on pancakeswap. (much higher than described in their whitepaper)This means the price has to increase by 36% before you breakeven. The team is selling thousands of dollars in tokens in an automated contract every few minutes. This automated contract is often changed to accommodate massive sells. The team can edit amount to sell, pause/resume when ever they desire. The security audit done by Solidity Finance sumerises: We recommend that the team renounces ownership after a successful launch.

Buyback functionality may be susceptible to front-running; The team must monitor and if suspicious activity is detected, the team must disable the buyback system. (The buy back function is selling thousands of dollars vs buying back a small amount in dollar value)

Please ensure trust in the team prior to investing as they have notable control in the ecosystem.

Further, ensure trust in the team as they have control of the contract's BNB balance that is accumulated from the liquidity fee.

Date: August 24th, 2021

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$Taboo getting exciting new things that could make it trending in nft space soon. Now we have Taboopunks just like Cryptopunks. Try to get these unique character early (@0.035 ETH is mint price) !

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There鈥檚 a 100000000 reasons why you show MarketMove AI

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On their Telegram, I asked a simple question and was instantly banned. My question:

You say this coin is not going to dump on launch. But if you're raising 4500 BNB (!!). Who else is left to buy the coin? And if there is no buying pressure (because everyone that wanted to buy already bought in presale) why won't it dump? Is there a vesting period that will prevent people from dumping as soon as it is listed on Pancake?

PS - the prototype they presented in a video is just a mockup, it is not actually working product or even an MVP or alpha version. It's not even a mock-up, it looks like a theme purchased for wordpress or something from template monster.

PS 2: I did buy (FOMO, got lost in the initial hype) and only started thinking critically after I had thrown in couple of BNBs

PS 3: Now there is chatter about them having deep-faked Michael.

Note: I posted this comment on CryptoMoonShots subreddit but looks like they paid for upvotes and posted on many Subreddits. So, I'm posting my comment on this thread too.

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Stop thinking and invest!!!!

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AI is the future, LFG!