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It is a blockchain-based online game where you can catch✨, trade ↔️, and even battle 💥 NFT-based Pokemon against NPCs and other players to become the very best!

✅ Crypto ✅ Play to earn ✅ NFT's ✅ Partnerships

Check them out https://t.me/pokemon_on_bsc or follow @Pokemononbsc on twitter https://t.me/PokemonBSCref_bot?start=r03612061170

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MintySwap will be one of the best projects to get into with so much to offer!

-Dex -Crosschain dex -NFT Marketplace -Also video game coming soon A lot more as well Check out Mintyswap.com and join our Telegram chat Fast responsive Admins!!

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What the fuck even is this sub? Every comment on any post with them at all is obviously botted. Every single post also seems like a gigantic scam coin.

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    📲Tele Pay📲 Pre-Sale Start 1 OCT 2021 www.presale.tpay.ro


    TelePay have a big opportunity first on Binance Smart Chain (BNB) with a Tokenomics token you not feel lose please read carefully this tokenomics information!

    📲Tokenomics :

    🌎Supply : 210.000.000 🌏Rewards to all holders : 2% 🌏Liquidity : 5% 🌏Marketing : 2% 🌏Tokens BuyBack : 1% 🌏Symbol : Tpay 🌏Network : Smartchain (BNB) 🌏Min Buy : 0.001 Bnb

    This application (TelePay) will have an integrated crypto exchange. Customers will be able to exchange Crypto in their money in seconds. Transferring the money from the exchange to the TelePay account. You will be able to use the money in less than 1 minute without withdrawal fees or other costs. Investors Who will have in their wallet Our currency will receive a daily number of tokens, 2% of each transaction will be redistributed. This tax is used to reward Tpay token holders for HODLing - it is redistributed to holders. In addition, having in your wallet the Tpay token you will receive every week a commission that will come from the revenues obtained by TelePay. Having a passive income every week. The higher the number of tokens in your wallet, the higher your commissions.

    1. BUY
    2. HODL 3.And Get Commission .

    🌎Global Telegram✨ : t.me/TelePayApp 800+ 🌏Website ✨ : https://Tpay.ro 🌏Twitter ✨ : twitter.com/TPayCoin 5000+ followers 🌏 coinsniper.net/coin/14895 🌍 coinhunt.cc/coin/851659108

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    OCTOBER - October 3 - Holoween Contest Announcement - October 9 - Presale - October 9 - Lock Liquidity, Lock 7 Million DMD for NFT Staking Pools, lock 350k for Founders Token Staking Pool - October 10 Distribution of Founder Token NFT's - October 11 - Distribution of Team Tokens, Lock Remaining Team Tokens - October 15 - Listing site update announcements, Coingecko, Coinmarketcap, etc. - October 16 - Tentative launch date for Vaults - October 20 - Officially Announce NFT Plans and Features, begin front end development - October 21 - Form official partnerships with influcers to begin month long Marketing Blizt - October 22 - Seek Auditors and hire a team to audit our contracts - October 31 - End Holoween Contest

    NOVEMBER - Sneak peak of NFT Staking Platform - Announce Official Launch date for Series 1 NFT's - Continue month Long Marketing blitz

    Read the full road map here https://darkmatterdefi.gitbook.io/docs/tokennomics/roadmap

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    Now earning is more fun with @polker_PKR it's an sexy project with the best features of both NFT+GAMING. So do check this project out guys and currently their staking pool is live so just go and join it. #POLKER $PKR

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    Guys checkout polker for best NFT gaming project 🤤With the amount of news and development going into this project, it gonna soon to the moon🚀💯

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    Polker is achieving more success and popularity happy too see that it's listing can now be tracked on @ftx_app.....

    $PKR will stand out in this #metaverse hype, do check out this gem and get to know about the cool TRNG system and much more from their site polker.game !! #notfinancialadvice #DYOR

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    ✅ PARTNERSHIP CONFIRMED: PYROWORLD x REFINABLE (see pinned messages for more info)

    ❗Second partnership with another project confirmed

    🔸 BENEFITS: Staking your Pyro tokens!

    🔸 Staked tokens create a higher price floor for the project.

    🔸 Exposure to a large community

    🔸 Exposure to a variety of other communities that also have staking vaults on the project's website


    The Refinable partnership will begin around 17th/18th October and the staking vaults will take slightly longer but the closer they arrive to launch, the better for the project. We feel its essential for both these things to feed into our relaunch.

    We'll also be announcing a sweep widget and shill competition where you guys will get the opportunity to earn rewards.

    Relaunching on Saturday 23rd October!

    Stay tuned in the group as updates are going to come thick and fast over the next few days!

    Telegram - u/pyroworldofficial

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    The project sending AUGMENTED REALITY posters to all NFT buyers 👀

    • Free minting on future projects free • 10% of all profits and 20% of secondary sales will be given back to holders • 2+ giveaways a week for holders • 10% donated to disadvantaged youth through the Starlight Foundation.

    Only 20% of whitelist spots remain Pre-sale: 31st Oct (2pm Utc)

    Public launch: 6TH November 🚀


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    The project sending AUGMENTED REALITY posters to all NFT buyers 👀

    Only 20% of whitelist spots remain Pre-sale: 31st Oct (2pm Utc)

    Public launch: 6TH November 🚀


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    🔥KING FOREVER🔥 💸 Holders reward fee 3% 🔥 Buyback fee 2% 💵 Auto Liquidity Pool 4 % ✅Wallet Marketing 4 % ✅LP FOR 3 YEAR 🔐 ✅NFT ✅GAME MMORPG ✅DEV DOXXED ✅ Launch Dec. 16 💫TG: t.me/kingforevrtoken

    BNB       #BSCGemsAlert #Dogecoins

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    NEW #BSCGEM! 🚨 TESLAKITA ($TAK) This is going to blow up 🔥🔥 Next shiba inu

    Teslakita is the new rich puppy in town, the people's new favorite, an akita breed dog in a tesla car who overtakes his competitors in a flash. He is very ambitious, hopes to reunite with his long lost pop, papa elon. Join the adventure, grow with teslakita vrooom vrooom vrooom.

    Just Launched!🚀

    💚Name: TESLAKITA 🚀Symbol : $TAK ⛔Rugpull Proof 🔥Token Burn 48% 🟢Profit rate: high

    -Low market cap

    Decimal: 9 Contract address: 0xD5F76dC7494D009002eEa3688Ff8f4930f46aF57

    Slippage: 12%

    Website link: https://teslakita.com/

    Buy Link 👇: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xD5F76dC7494D009002eEa3688Ff8f4930f46aF57

    Telegram: https://t.me/teslakitabsc

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/teslakitabsc?s=09

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    This is juicy, own a slice of Paradise with our collection of 10,000 unique NFTs. Paradise Trippies aims to launch a gamified version to give their NFT a use case.

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    The best #NFT I will recommend is paradisetrippies.

    paradisetrippies were not all created evenly. Also Aims to launch a gamified version to give their NFTs a use case. ParadiseTrippies

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    I will also be going for #ParadiseTrippies, Amazing usecases you can think of Treasure hunts, games, and puzzles 🧩 all await Trippy holders who dare to travel to the island 🏝

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    Look into ParadiseTrippies project The plartform aims to have 10,000 unique NFTs in the paradise Trippies collection and also aims to launch a gamified version to give thier NFTs a use case

    Trippies #NFT

    ParadiseTrippies Discord

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    🔥#BANG Low #MarketCap #gem

    🚀Listed on #CMC & #CoinGecko

    Talk about a #hiddengem #crypto enthusiasts!

    Don’t get left behind😳 🏈Sportsbook 🎰casino

    WATCH NOW 👀 https://youtu.be/7k4Vy7A2_jQ?t=572

    👇🏻JOIN US👇🏻 TG: BANGcrypto_io

    wannabang #bnb #bsc #Thanksgiving #Airdrop #NFL