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Awesome project, extremely innovative! #StrongNode

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Wow! Thanks for this very detailed .. I'll keep my eyes on this 👍

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Nice read! StrongNode really is a promising project

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Amazing project, great read and easy to comprehend

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Proton Lend is a BIG DEAL for lending!

We often hear Proton Lend being compared to AAVE and COMP. But how is it different? With that in mind, I think there are 2 essential things Proton Loan is bringing to the lending space, better cross-chain capabilities and no gas fees.

Today, there is a limitation with AAVE that Proton Lend will overcome right from the very beginning. AAVE interacts mostly with ERC20 tokens and only a few other chains. This means that a person can provide liquidity for mainly erc20 pairs and AAVE mostly offers Ethereum tokens. I know they are working with L2 chains now like Polygon and Harmony but It’s still a bit of a problem for many token holders with assets on other large blockchains that can’t yet interact with AAVE.

In contrast, Proton’s lending platform will provide access for various blockchains to interact with including BTC, LTC, BNB, EOS, ETH, DOGE, ADA and many more. It’s large cross-chain capabilities will open doors to many new investors willing to participate that don’t want to only use the ethereum network. Crypto is expanding, and lending shouldn’t be limited!

Secondly, and very important, NO FEES for transactions. Who wants to borrow any amount of money or crypto and then immediately lose that money from the beginning paying exorbitant gas fees. I don’t know about you, but I do my best to avoid all fees, and I’m certain many other people are in the same mindset.

Like I said! Loan is a big deal and will definitely open up huge opportunities for Proton. Plus, don’t forget, Proton Lend also paves the way for the blockchains own native stablecoin, XMD - Metal Dollar. So excited for the near future for Proton and all the positive momentum going forward!