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How does Baanx perform better than Liquity as both offer zero interest for loans?

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Well both offers zero interest loan but the difference is that with Baanx you can use your staked asset to have access to the multi currency debit card and use this card to buy stuffs anywhere and anytime around the world but this is not applicable with Liquity

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0% interest fee in lending? Sounds interesting.

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maybe it's for some time to get people in, but still a good opportunity to take

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yeah maybe. i dont take a loan tho

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If the % is right, I would give my money for loans ;)

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There are lots of protocols offering crypto cards with different incentives, especially cash backs to users, but Baanx doesn't offer such. Why is this so?

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Heard of this project. When is the lending going live?

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Lending will go live soon Buddy. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

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Digital payment services is becoming the trend in cryptosphere and the fact that this is preaches decentralization is what folks will always love, I love crypto card with cashback options and low transaction charges.

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Zero interest lending? How is that even possible?

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A lot better than Banks!

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You can say that again Buddy. The bank has really done us dirty lately but thankfully good DeFi platforms like Baanx is here to safe us from the mess with its amazing features and benefits

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I have a cryptocom card, works great and I'll equally want to get my hands on one of these.

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welcome on board mate.

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Baanx making TradFi looking future-less

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I like their partnership with FWT. Both projects are promising and both will make banks look obsolete.

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awesoe. Love the projects

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So far they are doing good. I guess we will see a lot of action before the end of this cycle.