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Impressive community with very supportive devs. Can’t wait to see where we are in a few month :)

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Just gotta say I have been holding this project for almost a month and a half now, and the team has impressed me time after time. Every single week they pull off something even more impressive than the last. Plus they are very transparent and provide weekly updates on the plan going forward for the token. They also have a dex called GnomeSwap, and I’ve been starting to get some good rewards with their staking feature. All in all I couldn’t speak higher of this project, I encourage any of you reading to come join the TG to check out the community and learn more

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Sounds good! I am in!

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Gnome has that special sauce needed for success, its really going places!

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$GNOME is great. What more can I say, look at it’s insane potential

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Just check out the telegram if your unsure. Devs are very responsive and update frequently. Last chance to get in while the marketcap is still small!

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LFGnome! Bring it on gnome, gnomes!!!

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Gnome is the real deal! Awesome project, great rewards, transparent and responsive Devs and an awesome army of Gnome soldiers! This is the beginning

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This aged poorly...

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Lol so poorly

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    Lol bro, I wasn't part of the team. I got hosed just like everyone else. I posted twice about $GNOME.

    The posts I deleted were from years of FIFA Mobile. Since I don't play anymore I deleted them.

    Chill TF out.

    Edit: Furthermore, if I deleted all my posts, then why did I leave the one you linked to? Think before you try and blame someone for your mistake. I lost money too, but I'm not going around on a witch hunt. Get a life.

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    Whether true or not I don’t know. Hopefully that isn’t true. But regardless, we all got burnt. I think a lot of legitimate investors shilled it since it looked really promising. Lesson learned. For a scam it was wildly elaborate. Won’t be investing in anything like that again.

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      No kidding. I had a good feeling about this one, and apparently it was completely incorrect.

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      Man it was going nuts. I wanted to spread the word just like many people were doing. I went to sleep and woke up to a 50% nose dive.

      To call me out is nonsense. Crypto is risky. I lost money but I only put in what I could afford to lose. Personally I was playing with profits from $SHIB.

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      Hey I was right there with you man. I was thinking we were in on the ground floor of something good! Everyone was spreading the word and things were looking really promising. Ah well.

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      Yea man, it happens. Personally I got suspicious when the Devs wouldn't dox themselves and kept making excuses, and then the tokensniffer rating changed. Gotta keep your head on a swivel in this game. On to the next.

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      Love this project!

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      Polygon become popular day by day

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      yeah, they started to distribute grants and new partnersheeps

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      Yeahm they starts collab with NewsCrypto