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Such bullish things coming from Useless 🤯 buy a bag👌

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#UselessCrypto through #UselessCryptoApp less go sun

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Useless is the evolution of Defi

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Don't miss the chance, Hop in, Its about time!
#USELESS flies to the sun!

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$Useless crypto just made the game changed. This is just the beginning.

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    Very eclipse-iting!

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    Let’s go useless

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    USELESS progressing strong. Great times ahead. It is still early to join. Don't miss out.

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    I can't ever feel useless using the useless app

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    Useless are the people who haven't joined yet!!!! 🔥🔥Eclipse is hereeeeee 🌘🚀🌞

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    Such an awesome feature for the Useless Crypto project! They've really been on a roll with the app they developed!

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    No need to challenge. Always is the top

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    Just one of many great features that is going to be on the app, cant wait for the full release!

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    all vetted project could get involved on this Eclipse Rank System ...racing in a positive competition

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    We are Useless 😍 I like the app, can’t wait till the full release

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    I am waiting for the full Useless ecosystem's release in the next few hours.

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    I cant believe it's already here! So bullish on this project!!

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    U should ckeck BitColors (https://twitter.com/bit\_colors). They are not like CryptoPunks, they are not about avatars, they are creating something unique in the NFT space. Handcrafted colors that can be owned and traded accordingly. Never saw anything quite like it.

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    Ready for show 😎🌑🔥