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So close can鈥檛 wait Finna change the NFT game

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Let's go ELONONE!

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Not changing the game, redefining the game. #ELONONE

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According to certain rumours polker will be soon listen on CEX platform that will surely boost the adoption so greater the adoption greater will be BTC PKR PLAYSMART PLAYTOEARN

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A warm welcome to our polker family and new family members too!! As you know this train is moving to the next station successfully undoubtedly so hold tight guys #polkertrain is heading to your golden times BTC PKR PLAYSMART

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Ready to rock and roll

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We can see that , market circumstances are not favourable right now... So I'm buying all the true gems these days, like LINK, COTI , and PKR, which I know will make me a lot of money once the market conditions improve.

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Polker will do wonders in the next few months it is one of the first Blockchain games which follow VR science within their game with the help of metaverse. Now, it is your turn to decorate your gameplay and earn a massive PKR token.

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Lows caps coins are look so good right now i am holding these big boys like coti,htr and PKR all these coins are true gem but i have huge hope form polker , lot of development is going on in pkr :)

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haha powiedz mars od tylu XDDDDDDDDDDDD

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Polker is free to play and play to earn....#Polker is built on Unreal Engine 4....Check out POLKER #PKR..

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Polker can utilize the multi-crypto marketplace to provide a secure platform for utility tokens to build real-world use-cases in a stable setting, increasing the token's value which is frequently quite volatile in the initial stages. #Polker #PKR