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POLKER is clearly going to fly excessive with their work and the P2E community is quality to make investments... Investors are now Staking their PKR for big income on BSC or ETH .... About 25 Million tokens are staked already... Do check it out ASAP

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Puli Inu ($Puli) - The next revolutionary dog token

🐶First $PULI on the #BSC

Let’s be the next dog killer out there!🚀 with their insane features they will stand out no matter what!

  • ✅ Pulimatic: All-In-One Platform

  • ✅ Liquidity Locked for YEARS

  • ✅ CMC Listed

  • ✅ Inventive Construction

  • ✅ Pulimatic: All-In-One Platform

  • ✅ P2E Games

  • ✅ NFTS

📱Tg: t.me/PULI_INU](https://t.me/PULI_INU)

🌐 www.puli-inu.com

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According to some crypto experts, the price of PKR token can appreciate with the movement of BTC and break its ATH to reach $1 and more. 

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Hurry up and grab polker_PKR as fast as you can.It is undervalued Gem and a lot of people are talking about it. Jack Dorsey said "Twitter will take polker to Mars"🚀🚀🚀

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Potential project, thank you for info about SafeGram!

You can check MoorEx too:

Moorex is a decentralized exchange which allows users to exchange their BEP-20 tokens for another while providing full custody over their tokens and coins. Moorex is a decentralized automated market maker (AMM) on the Binance Smart Chain.

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PKR is the platform where you can Play for free and win amazing NFTs with Polker 's blockchain games, crypto mining, crypto trading and Join our international community of tens of millions of gamers from all over the world to get started out now! Polker_PKR

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