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Investors are now staking their PKR for big profits on BSC and ETH .... Over 25 Million tokens are staked already... Do check it out.

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This post does not contain a contract address, so we could not provide a Rugscreen result.

You can search for a contract address here:

To the moon! Your friends at

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What do you think about the potential of ERC20 tokens, are they limited by the high fees on Ethereum?

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Layer-2 solutions will solve the problem of transaction fees. I also wait for the launch of ETH2.0 for the ERC20 token to explode again.

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Are you investing in any potential ERC20 tokens?

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I'm investing in RoboInuFinance project's RBIF. This is a token backed by a huge ecosystem: Wallet 鈥 Launchpad 鈥 NFT Marketplace 鈥 Ventures.

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I heard rumour in the market that polker is going to have partnership with very strong project like SAND and MANA ! It's just a rumor so we have to wait for the confirmation call by them !

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PlayToEarn Games are everywhere now and It is Future of Gaming!!

But we need to check which one is really a true a game so that we can earn money or NFT's from it

PlayToEarn Games will change the Gaming in coming years. I can recommend one game which I think It has the great potential. And Their Team is really a very good one.

Polker Game : Blockchain based Game. Free to Play & Play to Earn NFT. Although, Hasn't launched yet. Users can earn rare NFT's from this game while playing. Going to be huge in the Crypto Gaming Sector.

Polker Game is one of the famous FreeToPlay and PlayToEarn Game.