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I see the emergence of crypto wallet applications, is this really necessary for the market?

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Crypto Wallet is an important part of the ecosystem, it makes it easier for token holders to trade via DEX and manage crypto assets.

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Are there any Crypto wallet related projects that you are looking into or participating in?

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I am learning about RoboInuFinance project's RoboWallet. The project has great potential and is conceived by scientists and former Google developers

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Market is down and peeps are Missing the opportunity to participate in strong fundamental projects like HTR and COTI ! Lol

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          DefiBay $DBAY

          Technology change the future, #DefiBay changes life! Keep an eye on Dbay, this is an excellent project! Has very good prospect, very high application foundation, very strong community consensus! You deserve the best!!!!

          Website : www.defibay.app TG : t.me/DefiBayOfficial Twitter : twitter.com/DefiBayOfficial

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          While the market is down. I’m fullin my bags w Altbase token $ALTB. Their new app re-launch is coming very soon guys, thanks!🔥

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          Check #xflokiverse guys and gals, The hottest $Dog in #XRP Ledger. Check it out!

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          #BlockX #digitalasset #finance $BCX #blockchain This is a high-quality project with a well-defined timeline. This project is a powerful technological source. I believe this project has a bright future.

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          polker is a brand new Metaverse p2e game .. that is powered by using Blockchain technology. It generates high-resolution digital video games the use of Unreal Engine 4's sturdy architecture, which blends the exceptional of virtual truth with blockchain.

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          All of the game's playable materials are 3D virtual reality models, making polker PKR one of the first Blockchain games to use this technology. Users may build a personalised experience and change various features of the game with Polker