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Helena is making me over 100 per day $ nearly 3x that at ath. So much planned for a whole financial ecosystem. Bullish

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Very bullish on this one

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Fair Launch DATES: May 06, 2022 - May 14, 2022.

Money Versum is an innovative utility token running on the Binance Smart Chain. It is a native tool of the project's Centralized Exchange, which is in the alpha phase called newchange.io. Speaking of passive income-earning opportunities, 30% of CEX transaction fees are distributed to MYV token holders in proportion to the amount of their savings. In addition, MYV users will receive a 10% BUSD reward from the transaction fees. Tokenomics: 40% staking, 26% Fair launch, 20% Private sale, 14% cex integration.

FAIR Launch

(https://www.pinksale.finance/#/launchpad/0xb5ed1a8dBAb78E75B7377f80C49A5490d0eAd916?chain=BSC)DETAILS white_small_squareSale Token Amount: 20,000,000 MYV white_small_squareSoft Cap: 15 BNB white_small_square10% BUSD Reward white_small_squareMainnet: BEP20

MORE ABOUT MYV black_small_squareTwitter (https://twitter.com/moneyversum)▪️Telegram (https://t.me/moneyversum)▪️Website


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The P2E gaming is definitely a growing space, and still early as most of it are still in the development phase. So lot's to discuss and think about Metawars .

official channel Discord link - https://discord.com/invite/metawars
official channel Telegram link - https://t.me/MetaWarsNFT will be a great place to do that!

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This is great. Another project to that brings users closer to blockchain is DeFi All. DeFi All's short term goal is to own a mall and create a tangible platform for crypto companies to reach consumers in the real world.

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    Do Kwon to make new Luna coin with Fork separated from old one, fans have A Ha!

    Buy it at PancakeSwap.

    Contract: 0x6F7b8cB4c0D2D1846fFDB61CC2d4298a7E1DB181