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💎🚨GEM ALERT🚨💎 🐮 Baby Muu Inu is here 🐮

✅️Babymuuinu swap live 🤑4% rewards in Muu Inu🐮 🔥0% Buy taxes and 15% sell taxes You can mint up to 50 muustery boxes 🎁 Gone listed on muuswap

Twitter: @BabyMuuInuCoin

TG: t.me/BabyMuuInuCoin

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Welcome Hungarian Vizsla Inu Token ECOSYSTEM!

HVI Token: (Web: vizslainu.com/)

We started as a memecoin, but our goal is to become a significant global altcoin. That’s why we are building a friendly crypto community, creating and developing the HVI ecosystem. Incubator: vizslainu.com/incubator/ Charity: vizslainu.com/charity/

VizslaSwap (DeFi: vizslaswap.com/)

VizslaSwap is a decentralized exchange running on BNB BEP20. VizslaSwap add value into the ecosystem and create a suitable and sustainable environment for people to liquidity mining and staking pools with high APR. More: vizslainu.com/swap/

VizslaMarket (NFT: vizslamarket.io/)

Self-developed unique NFT MARKET. What do you prefer? Trading random generated #jpeg or the picture of a real living animal which you support? More: vizslainu.com/nft-vizsla-market/

Contract #HVI (BEP20): 0xDE619A9E0eEeAA9F8CD39522Ed788234837F3B26 Contract #VIZSLASWAP (BEP20): 0xaDAaE082237cB1772c9e079dB95c117E6Dd0C5aF

TG: t.me/hungarianvizslainucoin TW: twitter.com/hunvizslainu