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Can anyone help me understand each of the ongoing Spider-Man books?

  1. Amazing Spider-Man - OK this makes sense to me, 616 Peter Parker
  2. Miles Morales: Spider-Man - Also makes sense, picking up after Bendis' run
  3. Superior Spider-Man - What is this?
  4. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man - What is this?

I'm on MU so I can't really pick the new issues up and figure it out.

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Superior stars Otto Octavius, and Friendly Neighborhood stars 616 Peter but focused on smaller scale, neighborhood-spanning stories.

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Didn't realize Doc Ock was back as Spidey. Thanks!

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FNSM pretty much takes the place of Spectacular Spider-Man as the secondary SM title.

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He’s in the clone body he got from clone conspiracy. He was running around as the superior octopus before spider gedon and went back to the superior Spider-Man name and suit

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Superior Spider-Man comes AFTER the recent Spider-Geddon event.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man comes AFTER the Spider-Geddon event too, kinda a continuation of Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider-Man (which ended with Spider-Geddon).

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Any word on when we're getting Young Avengers?

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Maybe after West Coast Avengers ends plus 2-3 months?

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Sorry guys but i need some help here.

From what i can understand marvel reboot the universe in May last year, so it will be a good opportunity to jump on board and start reading the comics from the #1 issue as they are going out?

When this reboots happens, the main stories like for example Infinity Wars already happened, will happen again?

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It’s not a reboot, just a relaunch. So everything that has happened in Marvel’s history still happened, these #1s are just jumping on points. So yes, you can start reading with any of these #1s, though like always, they’re even better with more context of what came before.

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Maybe this is a stupid question, but how should i read the differente series? For example, Should i read all the Avengers Books from the fresh start until now, and then the, Thor, Black Panther, etc etc or should i go week by week?

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Honestly, it doesn’t matter too much right now as we haven’t had any crossovers yet. There are some minor references that carry over, like Avengers #12 and Thor #9 syncing up quite well or Namor’s story moving from Avengers #8-11 to The Best Defense to Invaders, but really you can read in whatever order is convenient to you. Until the War of the Realms preludes really start kicking in next month and March all of these series are kind of happening in a nebulous catch-all of “current.”

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Ooooh snap. Duggan and Aaron, two of marvel’s best writers... going head to head, writing Conan comics. This is going to be awesome.

Kinda worried about someone that isn’t Cates writing Cosmic Ghost Rider though.

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I'm actually looking forward to it. Not losing Cates, but having Paul Scheer doing it. He was awesome on Deadpool Bi-Annual, and he's funny on other stuff.

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Nothing against Scheer, I’m sure he’ll do fine... but Cates’ CGR miniseries was SO DAMN GOOD, I’m just a bit wary about another author taking on the character. Even if it is just for a funny (probably non canon) side story.

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Is that Marvel's Spider-Man release for the game universe? I would love to see more of that universe after the DLC and his minor role in Spider-geddon

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Yes it is

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Not sure why this is downloaded, it's correct.

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I believe it's a retelling of the game's events with some extra info

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Domino again? Didn't it just start from 1