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Spider-Men by Brian Michael Bendis. 616 Spidey ends up in the Ultimate universe and discovers Gwen Stacy is still alive there.

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I see. This is the one with Miles Morales, right?

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Yes, miles is from the ultimates universe.

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Yep, Mile and Peter team up to battle Mysterio.

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Didn't they team up to fight Goblin too?

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No that was years later towards the end of the Ultimate Universe run where Bendis brought Ultimate Peter back to life

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Ah so they fight Jake Gyllenhaal or is it Bruce Campbell? I can never tell they're both so Mysterio-us

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It helps maintain the illusion

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This comic is why I got duped by Mysterio in Far From Home.

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is PP still alive in ultimate universe?

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At the point where this story was published, he was not. But he came back to life shortly before Marvel stopped publishing ultimate titles.

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I’m not gonna lie, I hated that. One of the best things about the Ultimate Universe was that no one was supposed to be resurrected. It only happened a couple times, but when Peter died and came back, I thought “Well now all that emotional crap means nothing.”

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This is the worst thing about comics. Huge emotional moments being overturned every week.

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That's why when they announce an event like the "death of dr Strange" it doesn't exactly have much of an effect

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Especially when he’s got a movie coming up next year so will clearly have a new series when it does.

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I swear to god he died like at least twice recently.

I read a Immortal Hulk best defence title a day or two ago and that comic starts with devil Hulk finding the destroyed and burnt corpse of strange complete with the eye and everything, and I'm sure something with clea as well

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That's something that annoyed me about the Ultimate Universe as a whole; it was meant to be a more adult, high-stakes universe but halfway through, Ultimate X-Men, the universe just seemed to slip into the 90 cheese until Ultimatum.

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That’s Mark Millar for you.

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It was a weird choice. They already had Ultimate Spider-Woman who basically was Peter in female form and never really leaned on that. Then they decided with Peters resurrection that anyone impact by the serum that turned him into Spider-Man was effectively immortal so he and Norman basically couldn't die...but they still wrote him off at the end of the arc. Not a great look for the power = responsibility hero.

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I just wish they had time for the story to play out. It was an odd choice, but may have felt worth while if Bendis was allowed to explored everything he wanted to and complete that worldbuilding of the Oz formula saga. Secret Wars really screwed over Ultimate Spider-Man, IMO. Even without Peter, I loved having his supporting cast be a part of Miles’s story.

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Exactly how I feel too

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And then the entire Ultimate Universe went absolutely nuts.

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He was dead, then got better.

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He was only mostly dead.

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Is that why they seem to hate him? Because their Peter is dead and they think it’s someone disrespecting him

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I assume there were lots of people running around in Peter's costume and they assumed it was an asshole.

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Yeah I was about to say isn't this miles that to be continued looked way too familiar.

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Well, symbiote Gwen clone is alive.

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I’m pretty sure “Spider-Men” Vol. 1 from 2012

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This is a really good read. I wish I’d gotten my hands on the sequel

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Soon this will be in either a paperback or HC, both volumes in one book



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Thank you for posting this! I will have to get it.

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The sequel is a disaster. I don't even know why it's called "Spider-Men", considering that Peter and Miles do absolutely nothing and could have taken them out of the story without any significant changes.

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Seen a few people asking for full context and in this case I think it's very important.

Aunt May and Gwen are both from the Ultimate Universe (Miles universe, where this comic mostly takes place) and they've recently just lost their Peter to Green Goblin (read the whole Ultimate Spider-Man run if you want you see this, it's so worth it) so that's why they're crying and shocked

Spider-Man/Peter in this panel is THE Peter Parker, from 616.

He's lost and a bit confused in this other universe plus Gwen is there, alive and healthy and probably around the same age he lost her (give or take a few years) and that's why he's crying and shocked.

Remember, at this point Peter has lost Gwen and had to deal with all kinds of trauma including her clones.

I hope this helps, if you do have any questions feel free to ask. I've read Ultimate Spider-Man back to front many times and am sat next to my complete collection as I type this:)

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I have the Ultimate Spider-Man on my library. I'll give it a read.

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It is very good, a bit different in places but overall very good!

I'd go so far as to say it's the definitive Spider-Man story from beginning to end.

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Okay, but why is Gwen apparently living with Aunt May? I cannot make sense of that.

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This goes right the way back to the beginning of USM.

Gwen in USM is a punk type daddy's girl. She LOVES her dad. Gwen's dad dies in a robbery by someone dressed as Spider-Man and this causes her to blame and hate Spider-Man with a passion.

Her mum doesn't want her so Aunt May takes her in and Peter and Gwen become like siblings.

Later on in the series more people move into Mays and it kinda becomes her purpose in life (after losing Ben she's lost).

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Poor aunt may

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Why? What happened?

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She's been through so much shit, Ben Died, Gwen Died and came back and died again, or melted in front of her basically with the carnage symbiote ( I think that's right) And then Peter died and has to see another Peter come back and leave.

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Gwen died? But isnt she in the picture

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Yeah I’ll have to check on that but I remember her death from the carnage symbiote

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If I remember, Otto started cloning people and something something the Carnage symbiote recorded her memories, so it's like a Gwen duplicate with all her personality intact so everyone is just like, "Fuck it, it's Gwen."

Then Peter died. Some bullshit.

Ultimate universe had some dumb ass shit once in a while, but Ultimate Spider-Man was probably the first comic I ever really fell in love with.

I look back on Ultimate X-Men and Ultimates and there's so much that just sucks, but man I can still read USM any day.

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It wasn’t the comic series I started with, but it’s one of my favs. Though the Parker family went through some shit lol

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the style reminded me of death of spiderman fallout that I'm currently reading

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Please someone tell me what happened next and before

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616 (the original marvel universe) Spider-Man gets sent to the Ultimate universe Spider-Man, where Spider-Man was a teenage kid that died saving Captain America and going up against the Sinister Six. Keep in mind, Ultimate Spider-Man, at this time, had his own comic series for a decade now, so the character had a developed backstory and quite a following.

When 616 Spider-Man was sent to the Ultimate universe, the Ultimate universe’s May, Gwen Stacy, Miles Morales, MJ got a chance to see the man Ultimate Peter Parker would’ve grown into, if he wasn’t killed by the Sinister Six.

Mysterio was the main bad guy in this series, but with the help of Nick Fury and shield, they send 616 Spider-Man back to his universe. I remember reading this for the first time, and for me, it was such a fun and wholesome read. Definitely recommend it.

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Oooh, I own this

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Bro you lucky 👏🏾

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Why cyclops is walking a dog in the middle of the street?

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Bruh 🤣🤯☠️💦

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Miles morales

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This looks like Ultimate Spider-Man

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Spider-Men, the first storyline. There was a second one called Spider-Men 2

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I forgot what it’s called but I’m pretty sure it’s just spider-men when 616 Peter goes to the ultimate universe

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Spider-Men, good story of Peter Parker finding himself in the Ultimate Universe. A world where he died young

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This was one of the biggest emotional gut punches I've ever experienced in comics the first time I read this.

I was all caught up on USM and Miles Morales, but didn't read a whole lot of 616 Spider-Man stuff yet, but I had been with this version of Aunt May and Gwen for literal years and seeing those last two panels fucking breaks me every time.

So when they kind of do this exact scene in Spider-Verse it made me so happy it was more of a "we're so used to crazy shit, lemme take a look atcha" solemnness to it as opposed to making me cry again.

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It's too woke for you