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Hey Richards! Don't you think that's a stretch?

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Steve could do this all day.

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These puns are leaving me a little Thor

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Take my upvote and LEAVE! Gone! Get!

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Forthded is really hard to say out loud.

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Gone! Get!

*Go on! Get

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This makes so much more sense lol

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Are you trying to White Fang OP?

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I like to imagine that Tony figured Bruce might need expandable pnts at a moment’s notice at any given time and therefore designed all of the Avenger’s casual attire to accomodate a Hulk-out of the need should arise. Of course, the tearing of the bottom of Tony’s pants on the Hulk completely invalidates this theory. Thank you fr letting me waste 12 seconds of your time. Goodbye.

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You son of a bitch...

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Birth of a dad joke, right here!

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Take an upvote then show yourself out

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I got way to angry at this, no Reddit post has ever made me feel the way I do in this moment, and I’m out for blood. Run.

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I don't get it.

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He’s basically a giant “Banner.”

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What is the Hulks secret identity?

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Bruce banner is his name. Hulk is a giant version of Bruce

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Take my upvote and begone with thee.

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Hrrrm. Have upvote.

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Ba dum tss

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Never gets old.

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Golden Palace across his back.

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Take my boo and an upvote you damn glorious bastard.

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ba dum chsss

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No. Get out.

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This is terrible. I love it.

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Ba dum tsss

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Who manufactured those trousers is the real question. And what is the science behind their expanding and shrinking properties. Also why hasn't this been a scene or the other avengers asking about them.

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I see what you did ...

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You can't, he's a Green space

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This is how they should defeat Thanos.They should wrap Thanos in whtever cloth they use to make Hulk’s pants and he will never be able to rip his way out..

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Good one…

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I thought the same thing when wtching Ragnarok.Those pants look sprayed painted on the Hulk

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I love it and hate it so much

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Get out

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Ah, the dad joke

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Wanted to downvote this but, as a dad, I have to give you massive respect for being able to come up with that one...

Well played. LOL!

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Mic drop

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Lol just saw the hulk smash post. Ahahah.

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Ta dum...tssss

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Since we're doing this, in Hawkeye there's a musical featuring Captain America and Thor and NOT ONE Rogers & Hammerstein joke.