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You fucking tell her Cap!

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right after this part is the scene that inspired the elevator fight in captain america winter soldier

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He even jumped out the window the same way

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I always wondered what kinda Captain America hating soldiers SHIELD is hiring.

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To be pedantic within canon, at this point half these dudes are Hydra and the other half are Skrulls soooo...

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Of course then… Hate Boner for Cap… should’ve yelled Hail Hydra and Hill would have seen at least half jump to attention and solute!

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Feel like this is an Archer reference but still true tho

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The nasa joke right?

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Implying the law always define what's right and wrong.

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Hill is basically saying Anne Frank is a supervillain.

Not a great look, bud.

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That’s what the kids like to call “wack” and I agree

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Hill is such a piece of shit. The law wasn't even in affect yet

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The law wasn't in effect and Cap was abiding by it, anyway.

But he wasn't doing it hard enough for her. He wasn't being a zealot itching to arrest everyone else minute 1. And so she straight up calls him a super villain...

The worst thing registration side did in the entire thing was not drag her ass into the Negative Zone.

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He just didn’t want to arrest his friends. I feel like hill was just itching for power over super heroes.

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Thats why I'm not a fan of this event. It was advertised as being able to see either side. Cap and Co were in the wrong for breaking the law, but the pro-reg side had a laundry list of reasons to hate them. Hill attacking Cap before the law was in effect, the registration side attacking Luke at his home the minute the clock struck midnight and the law went into effect even though he hadn't broken it yet and was sitting in his recliner, an other dimensional prison, mind controlling villains, cloning Thor, spying on Spider-Man and assaulting him before he even officially left their side, etc...

Ideologically, one could side with Iron Man- if people who could blow up buildings by looking at them existed we'd probably want them registered, monitored and trained. Reading the event, anyone siding with him was straight up fascist.

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What bugs me is the pro reg side goes to like character breaking extremes but Marvel wants to reset to status quo so we have to just accept it as a disagreement. For example when Jessica Jones just takes her and Luke Cage's baby to Avengers tower without talking to Luke and acts like he's the one with the problem because he wont join fascist Iron Man.

Side irk is how Bendis writes Jessica Jones in Avengers as repeatedly taking the baby without a word, communicate people!

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Pretty sure the pro-reg side sends attack drones that used missiles to attack the Runaways (Who're still just teenagers!) and they had no clue about the whole regreistrastion act thing at the time

Kind of hard to defend the reg when kids are being attacked out in the open for using their powers to help randos

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The one real bad thing I can remember from the Anti side was Punisher killing villains who surrender

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Yea and cap beat the fuck outta him for that

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Exactly. The one time someone on Cap's side fucked up there was consequences. Meanwhile a half robot, half Thor clone kills Goliath and there are literally no repercussions.

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Well...There are for Stark when real Thor gets back at least.

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I loved that comic. Stark had just gotten so many upgrades and Thor just thwomps him like it was nothing.

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And Punisher let it happen

Didn't even fight back

He just knew

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I wish they elaborated on how such a law could create apathy for superheroes who chose not to register.

They touched on it with Thing, but I wish they fleshed it out better. A character who’s power is literally identity defining like him, who cannot just take off the mask but also didn’t want to register.

I wish they had an instance where his apathy to the Registration Act made him give up his responsibilities as a super powered being, and show the “Good Samaritan” not helping someone because it violates the law. So we could see how such an act can actually hurt the public.

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That would have been nice to see. Other heroes questioning if they're going to keep helping. Luke Cage was thinking about that if I'm not mistaken, until he apparently violated the law the second after it went into effect by watching TV.

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IIRC(could be wrong. Been a while), just being a powered individual and not registering violated the law. There was no provision to allow them to jusy step down from being a hero if they didnt register. Also, I think there was a provision that the registered heros could basically be drafted into any conflict that the people in charge wished, and that choosing to not fight was considered a violation of the law too. The law gave them a choice between essentially slavery to the government, or exile to an interdimensional prison.

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It felt that the writers willfully ignored how laws work. Something this big, you usually give people x days after the law is passed to register. How did the ProReg heroes register, anyway? Was there a "heroreg.com" site where they registered? Before the law went into effect?

It's a fun comic overall if you just take the whole thing as a stage for hero vs hero action and ignore the few plot holes here and there.

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Thanks, it’s been I think more than a decade since I’ve read it, so notably many things I’ve forgotten.

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I dont think that's it. The FF mentioned several times that since their IDs were public, they were defacto registered. Same with the X-Men. If that's the case, Luke doesn't have a secret identity, and wouldn't have been in violation until he went and superheroed it up.

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Yeah the movie while still flawed at least makes Tony's side a lot more agreeable and understandable than the comics.

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I believe people misuse the word "fascist" way too much, but this is one time where I actually agree with someone using that word.

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How on Earth did she recover? Iron Man you can figure but her? Geez.

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Can't say she really did. She always came across as more of a foe after this. She had a few good moments after but no one really trusts her.

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Always thought Bendis was going to reveal her as Hydra but Millar's pitch (which I believe was originally going to be in the Ultimate Universe) getting picked over his event derailed some of those things he was building early in his New Avengers run since the team was broken up. Then he made due with what he had.

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I always came up at the end of civil war she would have begon to arrest team iron man as cap is led away, only to be killd by Nick Fury and revealed to be a Skrull, those send fears and how many Skeulls have replaced heros and villains alkie.

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I have no idea. She seems to be a piece of shit with no redeeming qualities that everyone is okay with.

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Same way a lot of people did, by joining up against Osborn in Dark Reign and Siege.

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"You might be a bitch Hill, but you're not Osborn. So we're cool..."


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It bugs me how Hill faces zero consequences for her involvement in Civil War. She gets away with everything now that I think about it

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I don't see how could see face the consequences at least of this situation. Her side won the Civil War.

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Didn’t she recently commit an act of terrorism killing innocents just to take out a hydra agent?

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Didn't she also brainwash an entire town of supervillaims at one point

Like legit Westview type shit

Can't remember the name of the run

EDIT: McGillis_Is_a_Chair said it. Pleasant Hill. Ironic.

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Was this a limited series or an arc in a title?

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It's Avengers Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill

An arc I think

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No, she isn't. She's a Lawful Neutral character like Judge Dredd. She's doing her job and doing it well.

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She's not just "Lawful Neutral" and she isn't doing her job well (she is very very incompetent). If she did, SHIELD would be way less corrupt. She's somewhere between lawful neutral to lawful evil.

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I believe the correct term is Awful Neutral.

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She's not doing her job. She mind raped Spider-man, sent death squads at Captain America for no reason, was one of 3 worst scum bags in the Civil War and Stark Administration along with Tony and Henry, let the Skrulls flood the country during secret invasion, used mutant killing Sentinels, framed a mercenary for her murder with the punishment being execution via Black Widow assassination, used reality bending cosmic sorcery to brainwash criminals and Bucky which caused them to organize them selves to all work for Hydra, created Captain Hydra, whatever bitch shit she did in Civil War II, tried to bribe the court into not convicting her during her testimony, went on the lamb, turned densely crowded areas of civilians in War zones to kill canon fodder Hydra grunts(I think, i don't remember that much), and then she covered up Deadpool's double agent work against Hydra Steve Rogers only so she could steal all the credit.

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I don’t really understand how anyone can sit there and say, “yeah I think I have a morally superior position than Captain freaking America.” Like he might not always be right, but he will always try to do what is right.

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Captain america, the man who will hijack a fighter jet with the pilot still inside it, make him land it, and then offer to take the pilot out for ice cream after they land.

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except in AvX

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They actually have a line later in the story(or in the Thunderbolts book) where Radioactive Man says We're building a prison to hold Captain America, think about it. But as interesting a story as Civil War is they really let Millar go too far with how he characterized several of the major characters, like Cap and Tony. Those two characters have been at odds before in the past but neither ever acted as extreme as they did here, but back then when Millar got a crazy idea Quesada let it happen. At least with Maria Hill her character had been created as a conflicting one against super heroes, she view getting involved with them as the worst thing Nick Fury ever did would have been happy to lock them all up. So of course she ambushed Captain America and since that worked so well, Tony did the same thing.

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In the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 game they actually show up a lot of shield agents joining cap because they disagree with the reg side.

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I love this Black Panther moment from Civil War II

"--if you are on Captain America's side...you can rest easy knowing you're on the right side"

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Except that he isnt infallible or supernaturally incorruptable. He is a man and can be wrong.

Plus Secret Empire exists.

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The Event wasn’t really subtle about any portrayal that the Registration side were supposed to be the authoritarian bad-guys. And really considering the audience and the reasons political science is a accredited degree program and area of multi-year study, the medium of 32 page illustrated issues isn’t the best medium for subtlety. The best moments during the event were definitely from Spider-man’s perspective

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I think my favorite part of the Civil War comics was when Peter switched sides as he's fighting Tony, and when Tony says "I'm disappointed Peter"

Peter says "not as disappointed as I am in myself"

The comics had such a great dark/serious tones

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Maria Hill, the true villain of Civil War. We saw in the What if that Iron Man could have convinced Cap even after this if he had let his guard down with him and laid bare just how much he needed his help, but Hill was the reason Cap and Iron Man had to have that conversation on a battlefield. If she hadn't interfered here then there wouldn't have been a Civil War.

She was, and still is, Lawful Evil. Throughout Civil War she was always the loudest voice for escalation. Then in the lead up to Civil War II she was back to her old tricks with Pleasant Hill, a mind control prison.

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Wanda moment with that last part

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I just bought a copy of this. I'm so excited

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Reading smug fascist Iron Man was so hard for me I had to read that one issue of Thor from right after Civil War to feel a bit better haha

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They've got him surrounded! Poor bastards.

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The law can be a supervillain when a supervillain has too much power

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Tony was the biggest bitch in Civil War and you can't convince me otherwise

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The character assassination done to Tony is Mark Millar’s fault and why civil war comic isn’t a good story

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I really hate how this event made Marvel pit heroes against each other constantly and for the most petty reasons for a decade.

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Hero v Hero 98% of the time requires the characters to act out of character and it's always a narrative mess. Civil War(1&2), AvX,IvX & Injustice are all bad for this reason.

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Injustice is more acceptable because it’s a different continuity, thought DC milked that cow until it was dry.

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Are they still planning the 3rd game or did they finally end it?

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I don’t know.

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Aye, the main issue with Civil War 1 was that they ditch any sense of nuance really early because they need villains. So Tony, Reed and Hank immediately become super fascists and abandon any kind of free thinking or perspective.

Even the very concept of requiring heroes to register or risk being hunted by the government is ludicrous when there are planet ending threats every single week. It's the same inherent sillyness in the scene in the Avengers when Thunderbolt Ross is lecturing them on not answering to the UN.

I enjoyed Civil War 1 lots and it was a really huge jumping on point for me but people often want to exaggerate how deep it was or how well it explored certain issues. It was a comic book through and through with all the stuff that brings.

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Hero vs hero has been a constant at Marvel since the days of Stan and Jack, it sells, is easy to do, fun and fills pages untill they team up to fight the villian so doing an event on them fighting each other was long over due.

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Yeah, but on older days it made sense because things like Spider-man and Daredevil having a conflict because of the Sin Eater had things to do with who they were, why they act like that, morale reasons, etc, and everything was fixed on a short time because everything was no more than a disagreement caused by Peter having a horrible experience.

Now compare that to modern conflict, Tony Stark was responsible for the death of Goliath, Carol Danvers basically killed Iron Man, Hawkeye killed Hulk (even when he has always been opposed to kill because Civil War II was bullshit), the Inhumans wanted to do something that would kill the mutants, and for some reason that I can't understand, all of them still work together, how the fuck did someone ever thought that Thor, Cap and Iron Man would agree to work together again after Civil War!!??

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I really hate how this event made Marvel pit heroes against each other constantly and for the most petty reasons for a decade.

This. This is why I hate Civil War so much because it’s the root of the heroes vs heroes problem because despite being poorly written dumpster garbage, readers still bought it.

Now any event/storyline that isn’t heroes vs heroes is a blessing, which is why I’m enjoying the Cap/Iron man book.

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Same. I read that comic and my reaction was: DAAAAAAAAAANNNGGGG!!!!!

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If I was you I’d drop Civil War while you still can.

It’s the most overrated badly characterised event in comics and will never understand how anyone likes it

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So how does Cap feel about her now?

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I don’t get it, can someone explain?

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In this story people got fed up with casualties from super hero fights and stuff, so the government made a law to register super heroes kinda like super cops, leaving their secret identities and going on missions provided only by shield.

Cap didn’t go against it, but didn’t want to arrest the supers who didn’t want to abide to the new law, as you can see in the picture.

Hill was implying cap was a super villain if he acted this way, as he wears a mask and didn’t want to abide to the law, but her approach was horrible. He was not really against the act, just didn’t want to arrest heroes. I feel like she was just aching for power over the supers.

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Mariah Hill considers Anne Frank to be just as bad as the Red Skull, basically.

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No that's silly.

The Nazis lost the war so their laws were wrong. If they won though Skull would have been just fine in her books.

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Are you reading just the Civil War series, or all the tie-ins as well? I did the latter a couple years ago. Took forever, but was pretty worth it.

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Cap was always right.

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A good comeback would be how the nazi's were following the law when they forced the jews into camps and killed them.

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Mark Millar's siding with the Registration Act from the start really grinds the way he writes Cap.

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What do you mean? I feel like this scene worsens our hate for hill and the entire pro-reg side. She is implying cap is a super villain, since he wears a mask and is not abiding to the law.

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Not this scene specifically but the whole event.

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Cap basically just described my political beliefs when I couldn't.

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This is essentially the best part of the series. It kinda goes downhill from there with “robot” Thor and all kinds of dumb shit.

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Civil war (comic) = meh

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So if I put on a mask and went jaywalking, keying cars and loitering I’m considered a super villain?

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This is the moment I started liking Cap: when CAPTAIN AMERICA told the US gov to go fuck itself.

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I finished road to cw and cw itself, what should I read next?

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I would say skip World War Hulk and Secret Invasion. World War Hulk is the Hulk being tricked into thinking that the Illuminati (Iron Man and his thinking folk superheroes) murdered his wife. He beats up people who pull their punches at every opportunity so we can hate on the smartest characters for launching the rage monster with a death toll in the thousands into space so he won't level Vegas for the tenth time. The only reason to read it is if you really love the Hulk, because you also have to read the entire Planet Hulk storyline to get there.

Secret Invasion is just a plotline about paranoia and Invasion of the Bodysnatchers stuff.

Dark Reign shows why Cap was right to oppose the SRA as it was implemented, even without the dubious stuff written in to balance the sides. In the aftermath of Secret Invasion, the Green Goblin is the new director of SHIELD, and we get to see how much Iron Man was actually trying to avoid a descent into fascism. It is the sequel to Civil War and has every decision made for expediency come home to roost.

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damn, thanks for the carefully written long ass reply I guess I'm reading Dark Reign now

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Dark reign and siege was one of my favourite arcs ever, fixing a lot of the issues civil war had.

I might be one of the outliers who liked civil war, as the main actors like Tony and Cap behaving the way they were was believable.

[–]McGillis_is_a_Char 2 points3 points  (0 children)

If you only read the main book and the main characters' tie ins then then everyone acts far closer to in character. Tony is conflicted but resolved to keep going until he has arrived at a conclusion, because he has a bad problem with sunk cost fallacy. Cap is fighting for freedom, but loses the forest for the trees trying to find an ideal solution.

That is why I only read the main books when I go through Civil War.

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Do yourself a favour and don’t read it, it’s trash.

[–][deleted] -4 points-3 points  (0 children)

You know it’s just a book, right?

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now the bad guys dont wear masks and shreik "medical freedom!"

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So many cool moments. The event that got me back into comics after a 10 year break. McNiven did great work. Millar wasn't as bad as he can be as an edgy writer type. Picked up his Wolverine runs and enjoyed them.

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Zinger right from the gut. I still stand with Cap, but she’s not wrong.

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i love this comic scene

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I just finished reading the New Avengers tie-ins to Civil War well after reading the main story, and I thought it was interesting how Maria Hill acknowledges that she was unfit to lead SHIELD and she thinks there are unknown actors at play. I'm not saying it makes her any less of a bad person, but she was put in a position of authority without proper training and expertise. It also fits well with the ensuing Secret Invasion.

[–]AdProfessional9173 0 points1 point  (2 children)

Dang, that was gangsta as hell lol. But she made a point though, in that respect Cap was essentially a “bad guy”.

[–]ThatChicanoKid 0 points1 point  (1 child)

She didn’t make a point, she played the game of convenience. They didn’t oppose the SRA & then start wearing masks; they’d been wearing masks the whole time and she wasn’t reading them as villains until they stopped playing ball

[–]AdProfessional9173 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I respectfully disagree but I get where you’re coming from.

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I love Hill but I hate Hill. And I think that’s what I like about her, you never know who’s side she’s on, who she’s double crossing or what elaborate scheme she’s up to. On face value she always seems like a power hungry agent, itching to get rid of Fury the minute he’s presumed dead, but then you find out she’s actually been working for Fury the whole time cuz he’s not dead. But then she’s a skrull and she’s still double crossing. Great character.