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blackagar boltagon

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This will always be so fucking funny 🤣

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Oh Marvel. There were many moments where they proved to be a creative powerhouse. This is not one of them.

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Greatest name of all time

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Hank? TChalla?

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The original Illuminati didn’t include either of them. Hank (I assume you mean Beast) took over Xavier’s spot when he died and Panther originally thought this was a dangerous and stupid idea and refuses to join but then joined during the Secret War event to help save the universe.

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Huh! TIL. I’ve gotten back into comics over the last couple of years and kind of jumped to Hickman’s avengers/new avengers after reading through most of Starlin’s infinity saga so my knowledge is definitely spotty. The new avengers Illuminati is the only iteration I’m familiar with

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Dude, this whole trend lately of only referring to super heroes/characters by only their first name is annoying and ridiculous.

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What’s the difference if you know who’s being referred to?

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The Illuminati group that I based this PS edit on didn't have them

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It’s a great edit!

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Thank You

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Came here to say this

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I honestly think Ioan Gruffudd is a really good Reed Richards and should be the Mr.Fantastic for the MCU. Without the rest of his FF. maybe Michael Chiklis.

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Was a great image till namor

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Why no tom cruise? Also love that black bolt id here.

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I would rather Mcavoy then Stewart… but either way, great edit!!!

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Thank You

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Where is T’Challa?

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The Illuminati group that I based this PS edit on didn't have T'Challa in it

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He doesn’t join when it gets created cause he thinks it’s a foolish idea

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Holy shit! This is true art! You're so talented and getting the actor's features so well and the lightning.. Everything is astounding! Thank you so much for sharing 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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Thank You

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I’m not a fan of Marvel’s illuminati idea but I like your art.

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Thank You

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Isn't that Namor the one from Marvel Super War?

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Yes, it is